Four Healthcare Workers Jailed by UK Court for Abusing Elderly Woman

healthcare workers jailed by UK court
Faces of the healthcare workers jailed by UK court.

UK court jailed four WolverHampton healthcare workers after they were caught redhanded on CCTV footage abusing an elderly patient physically and emotionally. As reported by the BBC on Thursday,.

The workers, namely Morountaro Adefila and Ame Tunkara, were both sentenced to four months each in prison on December 8 after they were found guilty of willful neglect and ill-treatment of the patient.

On November 14, two other healthcare workers named Danny Ohen and Bridget Aideyan were sentenced to six and four months of jail time after they were found guilty of the same offenses.

According to the police, the workers were caught on CCTV footage manhandling the 89-year-old woman, who couldn't speak because she had vascular dementia.

In February 2022, after the woman's family noticed bruising on her arms, they secretly installed a camera in her room and recorded footage of over four days, which was used as evidence against the workers.

The footage showed the woman being treated with a lack of dignity and respect, and she was handled roughly by the workers and at times hit with a pillow.

Sadly, the woman passed away in October 2023. And UK police released an official short statement that says, “She should not have spent any of her remaining years suffering such ill-treatment.”

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