Easy Ways to Check Your Cholesterol Yourself at Home With no Equipment

Cholesterol Chemical Structure

In sufficient quantities, the body also needs cholesterol to support the process of creating new cell tissue so that it can function normally.

Cholesterol itself has a number of benefits that are good for the body, starting with producing vitamin D, helping to produce hormones, and bile acids, which work to digest fat.


So, if the amount of cholesterol exceeds normal limits, it can harm the body's condition. Many people link cholesterol to a number of deadly diseases, such as stroke and heart disease.

This article will guide you through the DIY process of checking your cholesterol yourself at home without using any equipment.

We are aware that not all people have access to or can afford a cholesterol testing kit.

If you are among them or not, please let's proceed.

How to check your cholesterol

To check cholesterol levels in the body, it is generally done in a laboratory or using a detection device to check cholesterol levels in the blood.

Actually, checking cholesterol in the body can also be done without the help of tools.

Come on, see how, in the following process, you can do it yourself or be alerted about it.

# Pay attention to your sleeping conditions

The first way to check cholesterol levels in the body is quite simple.

You just need to recognize and pay attention to how your body conditions during sleep.

Here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Try to sleep in a room where the temperature is around 25° C. 
  • If you can still sleep even without using a blanket, it may means your body's cholesterol levels are normal.
  • If the body shivers and needs to use a blanket, this may means the body's cholesterol level is low.
  • If it is difficult to sleep while the body wants a room temperature that is much cooler and even has to take off clothes at that temperature, then this may means that the body's cholesterol levels are quite high.
  • In the morning, if the body does not feel cold or shiver when not wearing clothes, it may means that the body's cholesterol level is low.

 # Changes in skin and nail color occur

Changes in skin and nail color can occur due to high cholesterol levels.

When cholesterol obstructs blood flow to and from the heart, it can lead to alterations in skin color.

Additionally, thickening of toenails may occur, causing them to grow longer over time.

Poor blood circulation to the feet can result in skin discoloration. Furthermore, reduced blood flow may cause leg hair to fall out more easily, resulting in shiny and tight-looking legs.

# Pain and Soreness in the Feet

Generally, the feet can be used to check cholesterol as an initial detection step.

This is because there is a buildup of cholesterol, which triggers blockages in the arteries, causing blood circulation to become less smooth.

This condition can certainly trigger pain, soreness, and fatigue in the legs.

The pain generally feels like swelling and spreads to several parts of the leg, such as the calf, knee, sole of the foot, thigh, and groin, as well as the buttocks.

Sometimes, cramps in the legs appear and you feel cold at night.

When cholesterol levels in the body are high, pain will often appear and can even interfere with activities.

# Circles appear in the cornea of the eye

The next method that can also be used to detect cholesterol in the body is to pay attention to the eyeball, especially the cornea.

When white or gray circles appear on the cornea of the eye, you can be sure that the cholesterol level in the body is quite high.

These circles appear due to excessive fat deposits and form a circular ring near the cornea of the eye.

Generally, this condition will appear at the age of 50 years and over, but if it starts to appear at a younger age, far below 50 years, then you need to be careful if your body's cholesterol is quite high. 

# Headache (dizziness and pain)

High cholesterol levels can trigger dizziness and pain in the head.

This is because blood circulation, which transports oxygen to brain tissue, is disrupted due to excessive cholesterol buildup. 

If you have a history of high cholesterol and suddenly feel dizzy or have headaches, this could be a sign that your body's cholesterol levels are high.

Pain in the head can appear more often than usual and is difficult to go away, even if you rest or take painkillers.

If so, immediately consult the nearest doctor. 

# Frequent tingling

When you feel that certain parts of your body frequently experience tingling, this could be a sign that the cholesterol in your body is quite high. 

This could be a way to check cholesterol without tools, and it is quite effective.

The reason is that when cholesterol increases, this condition will trigger blockages in blood vessels at several nerve endings. 

This causes a tingling sensation in a number of parts of the body when not moved.

# Aches appear in the nape and shoulders

Maybe some people often feel symptoms of aches in several parts of their body. 

When these symptoms appear, this can be an easy way to find out cholesterol levels. 

The nape and shoulders are the areas that often experience soreness.

Generally, the aches you feel are accompanied by dizziness or ongoing headaches. 

Of course, this condition is caused by a blockage in the bloodstream due to a buildup of cholesterol. 

This makes the body easily feel sore, which is why this condition must be treated immediately so that it doesn't cause bad effects in the future. 

# Pain in the chest

Many people think that pain that appears in the chest is because the body has caught a cold. 

Therefore, it is not uncommon for this condition to not be given much thought and is even simply ignored. 

However, it turns out that chest pain can be one of the indications that blood cholesterol levels are quite high.

One of the causes of pain in the chest may be due to blockage of the blood vessels leading to the heart. 

This condition then triggers pain in the chest, if left to drag on it can cause the risk of a heart attack. 

If there is no disease or other problem, such as pain due to a fall and sudden chest pain, then immediately visit a doctor for a consultation. 

Especially if you experience other symptoms such as dizziness, dizzy eyes, pain in the shoulders, neck and head.

# Frequent cramps at night

Experiencing difficulty sleeping at night due to cramps or tingling can also be a sign that the body's cholesterol levels are high, especially if they occur repeatedly without further treatment. 

Recognize the signs early

In fact, if you are more sensitive, your body can give warning signs when it is not okay.

This is no exception when cholesterol levels in the body are high.

Therefore, don't ignore the signs that appear on your body because they might be telling you that there is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Indeed, without needing any equipment, you can find out the condition of your body's cholesterol.

However, it needs to be understood that the most accurate way to check cholesterol levels in the body is through a blood test.

So if you want more accurate results, then check with a health service or use a portable blood test tool, which can be found at the nearest pharmacy.

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