8 Promising and Profitable Business Sectors in Indonesia

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In this article, we will explore the top eight promising business sectors in Indonesia that have a lot of investment opportunities for national and international individuals and organizations.


Here's the overview:

Hotel and Tourism Sector

Indonesia, which is known as an archipelagic country, offers exotic views and the beauty of various cultures.

Indonesia's natural and cultural riches have succeeded in hypnotizing millions of visitors and adventurers from all over the world.

Therefore, many international hotels are expanding as proof of business opportunities in Indonesia.

The presence of these international hotels can be found in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Semarang, Medan, Balikpapan, Makassar, Surabaya, and others.

Due to the large number of foreign tourists coming to Indonesia via Jakarta, Bali, and Batam, these three areas have become the main targets for business development in Indonesia in the hospitality and tourism industry sectors.

The number of local and foreign tourists continues to increase. Supporting infrastructure and business potential spread throughout Indonesia Clear business strata.

However, statistics revealed that there is an expectation of an increase in Indonesia's tourism and hotel share from 2021 to 2026 of USD 21.93 billion.

Also, the momentum of the market's growth will accelerate at a CAGR of 11.81 from 2021 to 2026.

Trade and Retail Sector

Indonesia is a country that has a lot of collaborations in the retail market and trade sector.

This collaboration includes China, the United Arab Emirates, India, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Malaysia.

Apart from that, the increasing middle-class population in Indonesia has helped the growth of purchasing power in society, which has an impact on positive economic trends.

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And the potential for rapid business penetration is also an additional consideration for foreign investors to take advantage of promising business opportunities in Indonesia.

Considering the above developments in Indonesia's trade and retail sector, it means people's purchasing will increase, trade infrastructure will boom, and international partners are going to get more profits from the country.

E-commerce Sector

The next trend that is developing for foreign investment in Indonesia is e-commerce.

The rapid development of this business occurred thanks to population growth in Indonesia.

Apart from that, increasingly equitable internet access also has its own role.

In support of the development of e-commerce businesses, especially foreign investment, the Indonesian government has also introduced business regulations in Indonesia with the potential for full foreign ownership in the digital business realm.

Diverse market share Internet access is evenly distributed in Indonesia.

The inflammation infrastructure is growing rapidly, reaching all of Indonesia and abroad.

Infrastructure and Construction Sector

Being committed to improving infrastructure as a whole is proof of Indonesia's ambition to attract the attention of foreign investors to do promising business in Indonesia.

Infrastructure development can facilitate the distribution of commodities and other services more efficiently.

The infrastructure development business and construction sector are also big opportunities for foreign investors in Indonesia.

The Indonesian government opens opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs to take part in development.

And huge opportunities for investment were opened up for them, and they'll receive government support by helping to accelerate industrial supply chains.

Factory and Agricultural Sectors

Intensive business sectors, such as manufacturing and agriculture, are two industries that are currently receiving support from the Indonesian government.

This support increases employment opportunities for the wider community.

In the manufacturing or factory industry sector, there are quite a lot of opportunities, from garments to the assembly of electronic components and motor vehicles.

Apart from that, the agricultural sector and industry are predicted to continue to develop in Indonesia.

It opens employment opportunities for people and provides wide market profit potential.

National and foreign investors interested in exploring Indonesia's agriculture and factory sectors should do so without wasting their time and reap the rewards of their investment in the near future.

Cosmetics Industry

As information and knowledge regarding skin health and beauty become more accessible, business in the cosmetics industry looks increasingly promising.

This industry is developing rapidly and has a large market share in almost all of Indonesia.

Therefore, it would be better if you could capitalize on this industry quickly.

The advantages include:

  • Product diversification
  • Accelerated economic growth
  • Government support

Food and Beverage Industry

With the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic quite good in the Muslim dominated country, Indonesian people have returning to activities outside the home.

For holiday needs, restaurants and cafes are a destination for many people.

Therefore, you can start planning strategies to enter this potential industry.

You can take advantage of:

  • Increasing positive trends in society.
  • Opportunities exist for various types of businesses.
  • Technology support for marketing

Information Technology (IT) Sector

Private individuals and organizations that specialize in everything or something related to information technology are likely to accumulate more profit by tapping into Indonesian IT sectors.

They can provide digital services to Indonesians and even digital gadgets, software, and freelance gigs.

It is not just a good industry for foreign investors and nationals; also, those who are citizens of Indonesia can benefit hugely from it.

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