Best and Most Recommended Kindergarten Schools in Jakarta

Kindergartens in Jakarta

Giving a child the kind of first-class, qualitative education that they need to succeed in life is the dream of all responsible parents. 

And that dream of a better future for their children is what keeps them going, no matter what kind of life's shackles and obstacles they’re facing.

Being an Indonesian and Asian parent, you have a responsibility like everyone else, and that responsibility is to ensure that your child or children obtain high-quality education throughout their academic years, and that should begin with the roots.


And let me let you know or remind you that the fastest and most critical physical and mental development occurs when children are between zero and six years old. 

Early childhood education is one of the most necessary things that your children, between the ages of 4 and 6, need. 

And that education begins with attending kindergarten, which would transform your child in every way, from shaping his writing and reading skills to socialization, good behavior, creative skills, cognitive skills, et cetera.

I believe you already know what kindergarten is, but still, I would like to elaborate on it before we proceed to what meets us here.


Kindergarten is the first school where your child will receive formal education prior to attending playgroup, which is popularly known as PAUD (Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini) in Indonesia.

Through kindergarten, your child or children will be introduced to their first [or, preferably, second] environment after PAUD, where they will spend two years learning together with their peers.

And there they will learn different skills like social, emotional, and cognitive skills, as well as physical development and creative expression.

Therefore, before your child begins his formal educational journey, you must ensure that he gets the best facilities, from school uniforms, books, and bags to the school he will attend.

This article is going to dig deep and provide you with a list of the best and most recommended Kindergarten schools in south Jakarta. 

South Jakarta’s Best Kindergartens

Below is a list of the best of South Jakarta’s kindergarten schools. You can choose the one closer to you and of your choice.

They are as follows:

1. TK Al-Izhar

TK Al-Izhar is a private kindergarten that is located in Pondok Labu, Cilandaka. 

This kindergarten boasts of having successfully graduated more than 500,000 of the best students across Jakarta and is accredited by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.

It also follows international education standards. Furthermore, it develops Islamic values in its curriculum, which makes it very suitable for parents who wish to instill a strong sense of religion in the hearts and minds of their children from an early age.

The kindergarten in Al-Izar has a spacious classroom so that your child can roam freely in it. It also has a playground with sand for maximum sensory development for your child.

Moreover, the vision and mission of this school seem promising; among its missions there is:

  1. Organizing general education based on the national curriculum that prepares students to become world citizens.
  2. Developing faith through the values ​​of honesty, mutual respect, humility, empathy, courage, leadership spirit, and love for Indonesia.
  3. Develop independence and a critical, creative, innovative, and solution learning culture.

Their web address is, and you can follow the link to register and enroll your child right away before visiting the physical location of the school.

Their physical address is: Jl. Fatmawati Hospital, Kav. 49, Pondok Labu, Cilandak, South Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta 12450

Telephone line: +6221-7695542

2. Kinderfield School

Kinderfield School might be the perfect choice for parents who want their children to be fluent in English because it has an international curriculum with English as a language of instruction.

And it boasts of having 18 locations across Indonesia, and that proves the legitimacy of this school.

However, it offers not just kindergarten education but also preschool, primary, and secondary school education for students.

In Kinderfield, your child will be provided with various literacy, mathematics, Montessori, and character-building programs.

As mentioned earlier, there are many Kinderfield School branches spread across Indonesia. In South Jakarta, Kinderfield School is located in Tebet. 

Facilities available at Kinderfield School Tebet include:

  1. Multi-Purpose Hall: Room for sports subjects, parent meetings, etc
  2. Discovery Room: Room for Montessori education
  3. Library: Library for reading interesting books
  4. Computer Room: A room for watching movies and playing games  together

Their web address is:, you can visit their online portal and see the requirements for admission and learn more about the school before applying on behalf of your child.

Their physical address is: Jl. Prof. Dr. Soepomo, SH No. 11A. Tebet, South Jakarta 

Telephone line: (021) 8303209

3. TK Islam Al-Ikhlas

This kindergarten is based on Islamic religious values just like the aforementioned Al-Izhar Kindergarten.

As an Islamic Kindergarten, Al-Ikhlas has routine programs such as Clean Friday, Yuk Sacrifice, and Hajj Manasik. 

There are also extracurricular activities such as English, dancing, Tahfidz Qur'an, archery, futsal, vocals and drawing.

So, if you want to instill a strong sense of religion in your child, then you may consider checking out this school.

It offers kindergarten, primary, and secondary school education.

There are a total of four playgrounds at TK Islam Al-Ikhlas: 

  1. Traffic park 
  2. Outdoor playground
  3. Indoor playground
  4. And green garden space

It also has various garden facilities, and your child will definitely not get bored easily playing at Al-Ikhlas Islamic Kindergarten.

According to the school:

  1. Its mission is to produce students who are leaders, intelligent, and have good morals.
  2. It has experienced teachers.
  3. And has designed perfect programs and curriculums 

The web address of this school is, You can visit their portal, choose the education level that matches your child’s age, and proceed to apply.

Their physical address: Jl. Cipete III No.3 Cilandak, South Jakarta 12410

Telephone line: 021-7657942

4. TK Taman Kreativitas Anak Indonesia

This kindergarten is oriented towards activities that hone creativity of its pupils. Your child is guaranteed to experience the excitement of schooling there.

Starting from playing in the water, holding a bazaar, planting kangkong, and role-playing various jobs.

There are lots of activities held by the TK Taman Kreativitas Anak Indonesia. 

This kindergarten is suitable for active children full of energy because it has designed energetic and interesting activities for them.

Among its activities are:

Direct Experience

Direct experience of everything taught from experiments, projects, research, handicrafts, performing arts, and others.

Expression Through Arts

Expression through the arts is achieved by teaching the children to  play simple musical instruments such as percussion, piano, or guitar. 

They will also participate in singing, dancing, and theater activities during the year-end performance in the form of an operetta to train their self-confidence and as a form of self-expression.

Various Outdoor Activities

Various outdoor activities such as gardening, nature exploration, outdoor learning practices, swimming, and scouting.

Their web address is, You can visit their online portal to learn more about the school before visiting its physical location.

Their physical address is: Jl. Kedondong No.18, RT.2/RW.5, Jagakarsa, Kec. Jagakarsa, South Jakarta City.

Telephone line: 021-788-88913

5. TK Talenta

As the name suggests, this school prioritizes exploring smart, creative, innovative, and independent talents of your children. 

This is embedded in the intracurricular activities and studios available at Talenta Kindergarten. 

Children can choose to take part in additional extracurricular activities such as taekwondo, ballet, and reading the Qur'an. 

There is also a swimming pool to foster children's fitness by playing in the water.  

A high attitude of tolerance is emphasized at TK Talenta because this school accepts students from various religious backgrounds. 

Two extra-curricular religious educations, namely Islam and Christianity, are held in this kindergarten.

Their physical address is: Jl. H. Samali No.83, RT.19/RW.1, Pejaten Bar., South Jakarta, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12510

Telephone line: (021) 7991168


We would like to conclude things here for now. In our follow-up editions of this article, more recommended kindergartens in east, north, and west Jakarta will be added.

We pledge no affiliation with the aforementioned schools, and according to latest ratings, more new schools will be added, and those that are below topping rate will be demoted.

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