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Important steps before starting a business

Starting a business is not only related to initial capital, but there are many things you need to know before starting a business.

In fact, you can start a business only with the skills you like.


For example, if you like cakes, try making a profit selling cakes, opening a bakery and cake shop, or opening a cake catering service.

However, before jumping straight into opening your business, there are important steps for starting a business that you should pay attention to.

They include:

1. Do your research

The first step in starting a business is to do market research or a market survey in the field first. Observations that can be made include the surrounding environment, target consumers, competition, sales to be achieved, and others.

This is very important because it concerns market interest and whether the product you are selling will have many buyers or not.

By conducting market research or surveys, you can see how much interest the market has in the products you are selling and find out what obstacles may occur when opening that business.

2. Keep trying

It is possible that most entrepreneurs will experience failure when starting out. The thing that needs to be done when starting a business is to keep trying and never give up.

Face problems by continuing to try to get the best. For example, if you want to open a cake shop business, if you fail to make cakes, you have to keep trying to make delicious cakes.

Then try to give the cake you made to your closest relatives. If there is criticism, note it down and improve it again because the more you practice, the more honed your abilities and skills will be.

3. Apply proper capital management

Whatever capital you use to open a business, make sure you can manage your finances well and correctly. Note it down and determine how much capital will be used to build the business.

Once you know the total capital required, you will get the right fund calculation. After the business is running, separate capital from profits.

Do this continuously; when you have returned your capital, you can save it and use it as reserve funds. At least you have set aside profits from sales.

4. Business concepts and ideas

Determining a business concept means determining a business idea. Business idea and concept plans can include planning, implementation, supervision, and organization.

In establishing a business concept, you must plan it carefully so that your business runs well according to plan.

Make sure that the concept you create matches what you want. That way, the business will be managed well, because a business with a mature planning basis will have better results.

5. Start your business

As we know, business success will not happen if you don't start. With tips for starting a business, you will know whether the business you are going to undertake can be successful and grow or not.

Having real action in starting a business will help you find weaknesses in entrepreneurship and know what steps to take to overcome them.

Your tenacity to be able to compete with competitors will be tested when you start your business. If you can consistently compete and survive, then success will be closer to you.

6. Make sure it is useful for other people

Create a business that can benefit other people. Success as an entrepreneur is not just about money.

However, success can also be achieved through personal inner satisfaction. For example, satisfaction comes because you have succeeded in providing benefits to other people.

Other people in this case are employees who work at your place, producers who sell raw materials for your products, and other people who benefit from your efforts.

Of course, this will add to your success. These are some important things that must be done before starting a business.

15 effective tips for building a business 

Building a business starts with thinking about the initial idea, then opening, introducing, promoting, carrying out the sales process, going through various challenges, and developing until it finally becomes a big business. 

Here are some tips that can be used as tips for starting a business, including:

1. Have big dreams

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, the main thing you must have is a big dream or goal. Then have a clear reason to start your own business.

Make big dreams worth fighting for. If not, the dream will be defeated by the pressure and demands of short-term needs that urgently need to be met.

Many motivators advise business people to have specific and clear dreams. Write down these goals and dreams, and then internalize them. In this way, dreams and aspirations can be firmly embedded and rooted within oneself.

2. Work based on passion

One of the tips for starting a business that needs to be emphasized is to work based on passion.

Because you may end up getting different results if you work with only hobbies as motivation and no passion at all.

Passion is a feeling of strong enthusiasm for something or to do something.

Passion can be said to be a powerful spirit for running a business. Even though his business is declining, because he is happy to do it, he will still give his best.

On the other hand, if a business is run solely in the hope of getting rich, when faced with challenges, it will be easy to give up, and there will be no motivation to be enthusiastic. Therefore, build a business according to your passion to get maximum results.

3. Learn from successful people

As we know, every business has problems, challenges, and quite a long process with a journey that takes a lot of thought, money, and energy.

Even successful people must have experienced this. They were able to succeed because they were able to survive. If, in the past, they had given up and stopped, their success would definitely not have been realized like it is now.

Learn a lot from successful people, because the experiences of successful people can be a strong motivation when business is weak.

4. Support from family

Families who do not support businesses often have complaints and cannot compromise. It is not uncommon for business people to end up resigning due to pressure from their families.

Meanwhile, a supportive family can provide encouragement to keep trying even though the family's financial constraints and business are weakening.

The key to success in opening a business is not only about good products and good marketing strategies; you also need prayers and support from your family so that the business runs smoothly.

5. Facing Competition

Just starting a business, but there are many competitors opening similar businesses. If that's the case, what should you do? Competition is an inseparable part of the business world.

For this reason, you must still be able to accept it and learn that competition will provide input on deficiencies that need to be corrected in your business.

Then competition can also show that the business you own has good market potential. Keep trying your best and providing the best service to your customers so that they remain loyal and don't switch to other products.

6. Focus on one business opportunity

As technology develops so rapidly, everything can become a business opportunity.With so many opportunities to choose from, it will certainly be confusing.

However, sometimes there are those who choose all these opportunities and open their business at the same time, so they lack focus on controlling their business.

Choose a business by determining what opportunities you can take. Choose one, and be confident that the opportunity will develop into a profitable business for you.

For tips on starting a business, you have to focus on one opportunity and come up with innovative ideas to continue developing the business to be more focused.

7. Master the business you choose

The tip for starting this business is to master everything about your business. This will have a positive impact on business continuity.

The opportunity to bring in investors can be wide open if you really master the business you are in. So you won't be confused about explaining everything about your business.

This can also convince investors that they can provide funds to the right person, namely you, the person who really understands the business you are running.

8. Learn from failure

In the business world, there are two choices: moving forward or remaining silent. If you want to be successful, then you have to move forward and be ready to face failure.

It's true that not everything you plan will always go smoothly as expected. Failure will teach you the success you want.

Thanks to failure, you can learn to master business, which will prepare you to become a successful person.

9. Improve your business capabilities

When you start a business from scratch, it means you have to learn and keep learning. There is a lot of knowledge that you have to master. Master the ability to do marketing, sales, build relationships, and others.

You can master business by learning from experts, for example, by studying the stories of successful people, learning all the failures they experienced, and learning how to recover from failure.

10. Have the best business concept

No investor will invest their funds if you don't have a mature business concept. For this reason, show that your business has a concept that can benefit investors. When you are able to show the best concept, rest assured that investors will look for you.

11. Start entrepreneurship

Once you know the correct tips for starting a business and carry out various planning and preparations, the next thing you have to do is start taking action with your business.

Don't let yourself down when your business doesn't go according to plan. Start your business with full confidence and optimism so you can run it well.

12. Do an evaluation

Every businessman who is just starting a business will definitely encounter various mistakes throughout his career.However, they can succeed in correcting various mistakes until they are finally successful because they always evaluate every mistake in making decisions.

So don't underestimate the evaluation contained in these tips for starting a business.

13. Improve product quality

After carrying out the evaluation, use the results to improve quality. 

Don't hesitate to continue to innovate in creating better products because the success or failure of your business depends on the products you sell.

14. Provide the best service

In the course of a business, various mistakes will inevitably occur. This error may result in complaints from customers. In tips for starting a business, you must have the best service. This service functions to provide solutions to your customers.

By providing the best service, it will have a positive impact on your product sales. It can even make loyal customers continue to use your product.

15. Scale up your business

Being able to build a business is indeed a proud achievement, but the achievements don't stop there. To run a business successfully, you have to scale up your business.

You also have to be able to improve and enlarge your business so that it can stand strong. The main point to stick to is to remain consistent with the quality of your products.

Don't let the quality of your product decline after starting up. 

This can have a negative impact on business development. These are some tips for starting a business that you should develop.

Effective steps for starting your own business at home

Having your own business looks fun, but to open a business, you have to be really prepared.

Sometimes, when you are just starting a business, you imagine difficulties and challenges that make business people hesitate to open a business.

Therefore, you must be diligent and have a strong determination to open a business. The following are tips for starting a business, including:

1. Determine the type of business

The first thing that must be done before starting a business is to determine the type of business.

To determine the type of business you can do, read about business opportunities with good prospects.

Make sure the type of business you choose matches your interests and skills. If not, the business you are running will not provide enthusiasm and may stop halfway.

Therefore, determining the type of business must really be considered carefully.

2. Determine a strategic location

The location chosen should be in a strategic and busy place. That way, you will easily find customers.

3. Build motivation and determination

Becoming an entrepreneur requires strong determination to face problems while running a business. Strong determination will be formed if you have motivation and big dreams.

Here are some examples of types of businesses that you can build yourself at home, including:

        1. Sewing services

The need for clothing is something that is always sought after. It's not uncommon for people to need clothes that fit their body size.

This can be used as a business opportunity by opening a sewing service at home. Moreover, if you have skills in sewing or designing clothes, it will certainly be an added bonus for you.

       2. Culinary business

The culinary business seems to be a business that will never die because food and drink are daily human needs.

Moreover, the culinary business is currently mushrooming with contemporary concepts that have lucrative potential. 

This can certainly be a great opportunity for those of you who have a hobby of cooking, and you can open this business at home.

        3. Sell quotas and electric credit

You need to choose the type of business that is generally needed by society if you are confused about the talents and skills you have.

One business that requires minimal capital but has promising results is the business of selling electrical quotas and credit.

The opportunity for this business is quite large because it can support the function of cellphones, while the majority of people currently have cellphones, so this business will bring profits to you.

This business can be done at home, as long as your home is accessible and visible to your customers.

         4. Hair barber business

This service certainly has advantages that are no less than those of other businesses. The barbershop business is a home business that can generate a lot of turnover if managed well.

Moreover, if you have talent and expertise in the field of hair shaving, it can certainly be an advantage for your business.

You can open this service in your home because a barbershop doesn't require a very large space. With just a simple room, you can operate this business.

         5. Grocery store business

Don't underestimate this effort. Even though this business provides small profits, this home business will never be empty.

Every day, many people go to grocery stores to buy their daily necessities. So this business can be an opportunity for anyone.

How to start a business with little capital

Opening your own business is one of the things that many people dream of. Most of them want to have an income with flexible working hours. 

Apart from that, many people are bored of being employees, so they want to open their own business.

Basically, everyone has the opportunity to open their own business, but they are afraid that their business will fail or go bankrupt. But there's no harm if you try to open your own business.

If you delay starting a business, then you will also delay the success of your business.

Many people are not confident about running a business because they don't have a lot of capital. In fact, there are several businesses that can be run with small capital. 

Here are some tips and tricks for starting a business with small capital, including:

1. Save operational costs

In doing business, there are several costs that must be incurred, namely fixed costs and variable costs. 

Fixed costs are costs that are used for the basic needs of a business. Saving on operational costs can automatically reduce business costs.

2. Calculate the capital that must be spent

Do the calculations carefully. Try not to let any business elements go unaccounted for. If the calculation results show relatively large costs, then you should be able to take other shortcuts by changing the type of business or making various savings.

3. Use goods that are still viable

To support your business, of course, you need supporting goods or equipment. However, you don't have to use new equipment because getting new items requires quite a lot of money.

By using equipment that can still be used, you can save money on buying equipment. For example, if you buy a chair or a display case that has been used and is still in good condition, of course you will get a cheaper price.

4. Choose cheap raw materials

One of the things that makes a business run is the existence of products or raw materials. Good-quality raw materials will, of course, be offered at expensive prices, but there are times when the price of these raw materials will decrease in the future.

It is at this time that your managerial abilities are tested. How do you manage the expenditure and storage of raw materials when prices are falling, or do you purchase stock of materials when prices are low?

5. There is no need to recruit employees

The costs you have to pay every month are employee salaries.

But, recruitment is mostly carried out by large-scale businesses, and you are not one of them.

For those of you who are just starting a business with small capital, it is best not to recruit employees so that costs do not increase and the funds can be used for other purposes.

At the start of your business, it is best to do it yourself. When your business has grown rapidly with increasing turnover, you can look for and recruit employees.

6. Do free promotions via social media

For those of you who have little capital, you should do free promotions via social media. Even though it is free, this can provide profitable results. Apart from that, this method is an effective one in today's digital era.

If you use promotions through advertising, billboards, or banners, of course, you will need a lot of funds. Then you should use social media to support your product promotion.

7. Rely on abilities

You can open a business with little capital simply by relying on your abilities.

For example, if you have the ability to design clothes, you can open a clothing design service or a clothing-making service. The expertise you have in this case is the main capital.

Another example is that if you have skills in cooking, then you have the opportunity to try opening a food stall or catering service.

There's no need to be embarrassed to show your abilities and skills. In fact, you should be proud because you can make a profit from your own expertise.

8. Honesty and trustworthiness

So that the business you run can continue to run smoothly until it develops into a successful business, it needs to be built with honesty.

Customer trust in the business you run can be formed by the honest attitude you apply to your business.

Maybe cheating will bring greater profits, but this will not last long.

In fact, customers who find out about your fraud will be disappointed and will not return to buy your product. It is possible that the business you started with great difficulty will go bankrupt because it is not trustworthy.

Therefore, it is very important to cultivate honesty, both within yourself and for the sustainability of your business.

9. Join other business actors

There's no harm in collaborating with other business owners to rent a strategic place.

You can also invite cooperation from the owners of the same target consumers. By renting a place, you can divide the rental costs so that you can lighten the burden of expenses.

So you can still sell in strategic places even though the capital you have is very minimal. The following are several examples of businesses with small capital, including:

  1. Photocopy and printer business.
  2. Affiliate business.
  3. Online shop business.
  4. Web developer services.
  5. Market snack businesses.
  6. Handicraft business.
  7. Sell fried foods.
  8. Manage a tourism business.
  9. Accessories business.
  10. Hydroponic plant cultivation.

And there are many other businesses that have the potential to have high profits even with small capital.

6 lucrative trading businesses you should try

A trading business is a form of business carried out by buying goods and reselling them in order to make a profit without changing the condition of the product being sold. Here are some profitable business ideas, including:

1. Selling gadgets

The development of digital technology now makes many people want products with this sophistication, for example, cellphones, which are currently everyone's main need.

It is estimated that one of the best-selling items in the technology sector is gadgets, so there are many business opportunities that can be exploited in this sector, namely the business of selling gadgets.

The main thing you have to prepare to open this business is capital. Business capital cannot be underestimated because it is important for opening a business. 

Also, prepare a strategic place that can be reached by many people.

2. Franchise business

Franchise businesses are currently mushrooming, not only in big cities but also in many small cities.

This type of business is quite easy to manage.

Those who are still beginners will continue to be guided by the franchise brand owner until you yourself can run and develop the business.

What needs to be provided is business capital. To be able to join as a franchise partner, you only need to pay between $3 and $10 million, depending on the type of product and facilities provided by the owner.

The current turnover of franchise businesses for drinks and food is very profitable. Many young people are flocking to buy contemporary products so they can still look popular. 

You can take advantage of this opportunity by buying a franchise that is currently popular among young people.

3. Selling children's toys

It is often not realized that the children's toy business has quite promising opportunities. The capital for this business is relatively small, but the profits can be multiplied many times.

You can shop at a toy wholesaler by buying per box or per package and then selling it again at retail prices. The difference between the wholesale price and your selling price will certainly benefit you.

You can sell various children's toys in strategic places, such as around schools. During breaks or when they come home from school, children will definitely flock to buy your toys.

4. Selling vegetables around

As we know, vegetables and side dishes are basic daily needs and will continue to be needed by humans.

Looking at the current conditions, the business of selling vegetables around is very promising because consumers will find it easier and they won't have to bother spending a lot of time and energy going to the market.

This will make customers comfortable and loyal if you serve them well. If you want to start this business, you can look for permanent suppliers that you can work with.

The capital for this business is quite small; some even only have debts for vegetables and side dishes from market traders, which are then paid after making a profit from sales.

You can get big profits if you buy vegetables directly from farmers because, apart from being cheap, their freshness will still be maintained.

5. Seasonal business

Various seasonal businesses that take place over a short period of time actually have quite tempting opportunities. The reason is that when it reaches its peak, many people are looking for it, so profits will be easy to obtain.

But of course you need to pay attention to this business and have a good marketing strategy; otherwise, your business will suffer losses because it is no longer in season.

Examples of seasonal businesses that you can try are selling trumpets and fireworks when approaching the New Year celebrations and selling takjil during the fasting month.

You can also try selling pastries before Eid al-Fitr, selling school equipment and uniforms before the new school year, and others.

6. Sticker-cutting business

As the number of motorcycle and car users increases every year, it is not uncommon for people to like to decorate their vehicles with decorative stickers to make them look more attractive.

You must have also come across sticker-cutting businesses in your area. 

They even run their businesses with minimal capital and open businesses on the side of the road or sidewalk because they are considered to have great potential to attract customers.

With small capital, this business must be developed with expertise and skills in installing and cutting stickers. To buy sticker material, you can buy it in rolls to make it cheaper.

Making one full cutting block for one automatic motorcycle usually costs around two hundred thousand rupiah. 

Meanwhile, the capital expenditure for sticker materials used for 3 motorbikes requires 2 rolls of stickers at a price of only one hundred and fifty thousand. Of course, this business is very promising for you.

These are some businesses that you can use as references, and there are many other examples of trading businesses that are tempting and profitable.

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