Tips for Creating the Right Business Name for Your Future Business

In the business world, a business name is something that should not be taken lightly at all, so it is important to create an appropriate business name.

Because this name has magical powers that can help strengthen the business brand [you are about to build] in the eyes of the public.


As a business owner, of course you are also trying to find names that have high selling value. The following are some tips that you can pay close attention to.

Business Name

Actually, choosing a name for your business doesn't need to be too detailed and complicated. 

However, there's nothing wrong if you want to create a good name yourself without having to rely on help from third parties. 

Here are some things you must pay attention to if you want to do this:

• Stay Polite and Avoid Numbers

The first tip that you need to pay attention to is that you should avoid using numbers in your business name as much as possible. 

Even though the main goal of creating a business name is a name that is unique and not used by anyone before, that doesn't mean you can freely use a name that is too complicated or deviates from existing rules.

For example, the name “G2TS Gr0up', a name combined with letters, will definitely appear to have no aesthetic value, especially if it is placed in the middle of the character. 

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The goal is to be different from competitors, but in fact, the public will have a bad image of your business. 

Apart from that, never use vulgar words with the aim of looking edgy, because this will not be able to make your company develop further.

• Use Alphabetic Letters

It is natural for some people to use the alphabet or Latin letters when naming a business. As much as possible, avoid using letters in foreign languages that are not known to the public. 

As a small example, you want to open a clothing business for Muslim women.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to name your business using modern Arabic letters, which are quite complicated. 

Because not all understand what to call it or know how to properly pronounce these words. 

Using Latin letters will also help to avoid misinformation from consumers, so you no longer need to explain the meaning of the business name.

Just use understandable letters that are known to the people who are going to be your customers.

• Make Sure the Name Is Available

If you feel you have found a name that suits your business, the next step is to check it on a search engine. 

Make sure that the name you choose has unique value, in the sense that no one has patented or used that name before.

This will help you stand out among your competing peers. 

• Use Acronyms

There are lots of business names nowadays that are very popular, and it turns out that these names are taken from two-word acronyms. 

For example, GoJek, Netflix, and others whose brand names are so popular worldwide. For this reason, you can try to choose two or three words that can describe your company and combine them into one until it feels comfortable to mention. 

The most important thing is that these words can describe what business you are currently running so that consumers can remember it.

This is information regarding tips for creating a business name that you can pay attention to. 

As days go by, more and more companies and businesses are popping up, so it would be better if you tried to be creative in choosing a name.

That way, you will not be left behind when competing in the public market with other companies.

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