What is the Cost of Heart Bypass Surgery in Jakarta? Everything Examined

Heart Bypass Surgery


The heart is one of the most vital organs that humans need to live. 

Tasked with pumping blood containing oxygen and food nutrients needed by other organs, the heart has an important, irreplaceable function.

When something goes wrong with the heart, medical treatment must be carried out immediately. One of them is heart bypass surgery. 

The cost of heart bypass surgery, along with other medical treatments, can certainly be burdensome for patients.

The reason is that this action costs quite a lot of money. Not infrequently, due to a lack of funds, medical procedures are often delayed. And if that's the case, the patient's life could be threatened as a result.

This article will provide you with the cost of heart bypass surgery in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here we go:

Cost of Heart Bypass Surgery in Jakarta

The cost of heart bypass surgery can vary. However, the amount is expensive. The reason is that advanced technology and professional medical experts are needed for the operation.

Generally, the cost depends on the use of the facilities and technological equipment required, the medical personnel involved, and how many arteries the patient requires.

Based on information from the Harapan Kita National Heart Center page, the cost is in the range of IDR 63–139 million for adult and general patients. 

This fee only covers the operation and does not include other treatments.

Before and after surgery, the patient must be hospitalized for at least 5 days, so additional costs will be required for hospitalization. 

Not to mention several other stages and further examinations. During that time, patients are required to go back and forth to the hospital at least twice a month.

Here are the costs and actions below:

  • Heart valve surgery in adults costs IDR 40 million to IDR 100 million.
  • Heart bypass surgery in adults costs IDR 63 million to IDR 139 million.
  • Congenital heart correction surgery in children costs IDR 200 million.

Note: For Jamkesmas patients, all operating costs will be paid by the government through the Jamkesmas Program. Meanwhile, patients without Jamkesmas but who have an SKTM (Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu) will receive a 50 percent fee reduction.

Hospitals for Those With Heart Issues

Those who have heart issues and live in Jakarta can seek treatment at the Harapan Kita Heart and Blood Vessel Hospital (Rumah Sakit Jantung dan Pembuluh Darah) and other twelve hospitals in major Indonesian cities that collaborated with Harapan Kita Heart and Blood Vessel Hospital to provide the clients with health care of international standard.

These 12 hospitals are spread across major cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Palembang, Padang, Yogyakarta, Bali, and others. In the Jakarta area, Fatmawati Hospital, Haji Hospital, Tarakan Hospital, Pasar Rebo Hospital, and Cengkareng Hospital have collaborated with RSJPD Harapan Kita.

Then, regarding the use of sophisticated equipment for the operation itself, there is assistance provided by medical experts from abroad. 

As is known, RSJPD Harapan Kita collaborates with Singapore General Hospital, Seoul University Hospital, and Cardiovascular Hospital Osaka (Japan).

The hospital also collaborates with the Malaysian National Heart Institute, as well as several hospitals in Australia and Europe. That's according to Dr. Hananto, the main director of RSJPD Harapan Kita.


Even though the cost of heart bypass surgery is a little bit costly in Indonesia, it is still worth the shot. 

You don't have to wait until your heart becomes the reason for your departure before you get appropriate care from health professionals.

Those hospitals that collaborated with RSJPD got you covered. 

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