11 Products to Sell in the Month of Ramadan and Make Profits

Ramadan Products


The month of Ramadan is a month full of blessings that are always awaited every year. Apart from fasting, there is also nothing wrong with starting a business in the month of Ramadan. 

People's purchasing power, which is so high during the month of Ramadan, is quite promising, especially if you can make maximum use of it.

Unlike other months, during Ramadan, there are many seasonal needs that are usually sought after by the wider community. 

Various products related to Ramadan usually sell well on the market. Don't miss the opportunity to develop your fasting month business. 

Make sure you choose the right product so that the business can develop optimally.

Below are several recommendations for Ramadan business products that can be taken into consideration: 

1. Muslim fashion 

Muslim fashion is a product that is said to be very sought-after during the fasting month. 

Not only for Eid needs, clothes like this have also started to be used to complete your appearance during the month of Ramadan. 

This is, of course, related to the various worship activities carried out in the month of Ramadan.

2. Prayer equipment

Apart from clothing, various prayer equipment products are also quite sought after, such as prayer mats, mukenas, sarongs, and others. 

These various pieces of prayer equipment are even needed during the month of Ramadan. 

Demand for these various products will also usually increase more sharply. 

3. Various canned foods

Various types of canned food are also quite sought-after in preparation for the month of Ramadan. 

Canned foods like this are generally quite easy to serve and don't require a long time to process. 

This makes this type of food often chosen to complete the sahur menu.

There are many types of canned food that can be used as business products, including sardines, corned beef, fruit, seafood, and others.

4. Date fruit

Ramadan without dates certainly feels incomplete because this fruit is synonymous with serving during the fasting month. 

Dates are one of the favorite and most sought-after fruits during the fasting month. 

Its sweet and delicious taste is suitable for serving as an appetizer for sahur or when breaking the fast. 

Dates are also a fruit that is durable and does not rot easily, so some people often buy them in large quantities at once.

5. Kitchen furniture

Serving a variety of special menus for sahur and breaking the fast is a common activity during the month of Ramadan. 

To support this activity, adequate kitchen furniture is needed. 

This variety of kitchen furniture will be very much sought after during the month of Ramadan, so it is suitable for use as a business. 

There are many products that are often in great demand, from frying pans to various cutlery and others. 

6. Electronic products

Buying various electronic products is also often done in the month of Ramadan. 

While celebrating Eid, the habit of buying electronic products is also influenced by the availability of sufficient funds from families. 

Usually, electronic products in the form of home furnishings are quite popular, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, and others. 

Apart from that, smartphones are also other electronic products that are quite popular during the month of Ramadan.

7. Furniture and dome decoration products

Various furniture and home decoration products are quite sought-after during Ramadan. 

This could be a business choice, because before Ramadan or Eid, most people will dress up their house and change the furniture.

8. Various snacks and pastries

Various snacks and pastries are the most sought-after foods during Ramadan. Demand for this product will even increase sharply as Eid approaches. 

There are many types of pastries that are popular and in demand in the country, such as nastar, snow cake, and others. 

Snacks such as chips will also be very popular and much sought-after. 

9. Various syrups

Syrup is another product that is suitable for business during the month of Ramadan. This drink is said to be very popular and is almost always served when breaking the fast.

There are many different types and flavors of syrup, but several well-known products are always the most sought-after. 

Provide several products from different brands so that this business attracts more interest.

10. Parcels or hampers

Sending parcels or hampers to each other is a tradition that is still carried out in Indonesia. This could be the right business choice in the month of Ramadan. 

The more unique and beautiful the parcel or hamper, the more people will be interested in it. 

Provide quality and appropriate products so that the parcel and hamper business can grow rapidly.

11. Al-Qur'an and other Koran recitation equipment

The arrival of this holy month is used by many people as the right time not only to increase worship but also to recite the Koran. 

For this reason, in order to motivate them to recite the Koran, usually the purchase of Al-Qur'an can also increase along with equipment for reciting the Koran or other religious services.

Apart from that, not only for worshiping, recitation equipment such as the Koran, prayer beads, and places to refute the Koran are now also widely used as hampers for the Eid al-Fitr holiday.


The month of Ramadan can be the right moment for you to develop your business. There are many products that are sought-after and have a great opportunity to generate high sales figures. 

Choose selling products according to what you like or in your field, so that the business can develop optimally. 

For example, if you like or are skilled in the field of Eid hampers, then you can start by preparing the various products needed for one hamper. 

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