40 Promising Businesses That Beginners can Start With Small Capital

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There are many types of businesses that promise big profits. Various types of business can be done, starting with no capital, small capital, and quite large capital.

You can start with a small business first, then develop it into a business that, little by little, becomes a big business.

Promising Business in the Village

Even though living in a village doesn't mean we can't create a promising business, There are many businesses that can be done in the village and can make a lot of profit as long as we are serious about doing business, from conventional businesses to businesses that require capital.

1. Opening a Warung or Coffee Shop

Hanging out in coffee shops has become a habit for young people today. You can even spend the whole day in a coffee shop doing college assignments or just surfing the internet while enjoying coffee.

Opening this coffee shop is a business opportunity. You can open a coffee shop in front of your house if the location is strategic enough to minimize business capital.

2. Handmade accessories

If you like collecting and making your own accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and so on, You can try running a promising business. Just buy the materials for making accessories, and of course the prices are cheap.

3. Hydroponic Farming Business

Agricultural business is not only carried out by farmers in villages. Urban communities also currently enjoy farming, especially hydroponic farming.

Why hydroponics? Because it is an easy way to plant and only relies on water as a growing medium for various types of vegetables. The installation materials are quite easy to obtain. This could be a promising business opportunity for you.

4. Farming free-range chickens

The next promising business is free-range chicken farming. Usually, you can find this business in villages. However, it does not rule out the possibility that the opportunity to raise free-range chickens in urban areas is also quite possible.

Unlike cattle or goat farming, chicken farming does not require large capital. You can also partner with livestock and food companies to help your business.

Below, we present to you various types of promising businesses that you can choose from.

Promising ventures are rare but necessary.

Even though you already have a business with a steady income every month, it would be good if we knew about a promising business that few people do but many people still need. What kind of business is that? Let's take a look, and please just try it.

1. Opening Pertamini

Many people open stalls and provide small gas stations, commonly known as pertamini. Usually, you can find this promising business in villages or far from large gas stations.

This business is more profitable than selling retail gasoline using bottles or jerry cans. Make sure the price you use meets sufficient standards and is not too high.

2. Open a photocopy business.

The lack of competitors makes this photocopying business quite profitable. To open a business opportunity that doesn't have many competitors, of course what you need is a photocopy machine.

To reduce the capital you have to spend, you can open this business in front of your house. It's not enough just to open a photocopy business; you can also sell various school equipment, such as HVS paper, stationery, and so on.

3. Laptop/Cellphone Service

If you have expertise in this electronics field, you can open a laptop or cellphone service.

Most people who experience damage to their laptop or cellphone do not immediately buy a new one but first go to a repairman. This could be a promising business opportunity with big profits.

4 Rental Playstations

Young people's passion for playing games can be a promising business opportunity for you by providing Playstation rentals.

To start this rental business, you only need to present two PlayStation units. If there is a lot of interest, you can add units from your business profits.

Promising Business for Beginners

Even if you have never done business, you can try and start a promising business for beginners. Housewives or students can do it as long as they really put in the effort, and there will definitely be results in the future, of course.

1. Pre-Order T-Shirt Business

This business is certainly very interesting. Because you can get certainty about who will buy your product,.

You simply promote this business via social media. If anyone is interested in buying, you can immediately make t-shirts at the production cost of your buyer.

2. Tour Guide Services

Tour guides are really needed by travelers when going on a tour or holiday.

In addition to providing information about interesting tourist attractions, tour guides are also able to explain in detail the history of existing tourist attractions.

3. Rent climbing equipment.

The price of equipment for climbing is quite expensive. It's a shame if you buy equipment only to use it once or twice.

Therefore, most people will rent equipment for climbing, which is the only way. You can make renting climbing equipment a promising business.

4. Selling plant seeds

People's passion for farming is an opportunity for you to open a business selling various plant seeds. Moreover, with the presence of a marketplace, you can sell this promising business to attract a wider market.

You can sell ornamental plant seeds, fruit, and vegetables.

A Promising Business with Few Competitors

Sometimes the business we are running has a lot of competition, and sometimes it makes us dizzy in the competition. It would be good for us to know about promising businesses that don't have many competitors so that we can try them to get additional income.

1. Entrustment Services

Entrustment services can also be a profitable business opportunity at this time. In the digital era, the need to obtain goods from abroad can be said to be quite easy.

However, there are still many people who have difficulty buying goods because they don't have a credit card or PayPal account.

This could be an opportunity for you to offer a service to purchase products or goods from various sites at a higher service fee.

2. Translation Services

The need to translate documents into foreign languages, such as CVs, certificates, research abstracts, and so on, is certainly a promising business opportunity.

You don't need to spend capital to run this business. Just offer your skills in a foreign language, especially English.

3. Animal Care and Custody Services

Usually, for people who are on vacation out of town, bringing a pet is not the right choice. Therefore, they need pet sitting and care services. You can open this promising business because the opportunities are quite big.

4. Rent baby equipment.

If you have baby equipment that you no longer use but that is still suitable and useful, you can turn it into a promising business. You can offer a baby equipment rental business to parents who need it.

Promising Efforts in the Future

The digital era is now moving fast. If we don't keep up with the times, we will certainly be left behind by our competitors, as a result of which we will have difficulty finding income in the future. It would be good for us to know about businesses that promise to be useful in the future.

1. Stock trading

Stock trading will be quite trendy in 2024. If you learn the techniques and tricks for trading shares, this can be a promising business opportunity and provide profits of billions of rupiah.

Therefore, learn this stock trading game first so that you don't experience losses.

2. Open an online course

For those of you who have skills in certain fields, for example, mastering English, try opening an online course.

To start this promising business, you only need to accept three to five students first. Once their period is over, you can add students gradually.

3. Sell subscription streaming services.

Subscription streaming services are quite popular because you can enjoy various kinds of entertainment, be it films, music, or other videos, without restrictions.

Therefore, this business can be a profitable opportunity. You can sell this subscription service to make it easier for people to enjoy the entertainment they want.

4. Video Editing Services

For those of you who like editing videos, don't let your skills be just a hobby. Currently, video editing services are really needed, along with the large number of content creators on social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Promising Business with Small Capital

For those of us who don't have capital, we are usually confused about how to start a business.

However, we need to find additional income to keep the kitchen stocked and pay for our monthly needs, which are not small. Let's look at promising businesses with little capital.

1. Running an Affiliate

You don't need to worry about running out of ideas about promising businesses in the future. Because there are many businesses that you can run easily, one of which is running an affiliate program.

By offering and promoting other people's products or services online, you can benefit from it. You just need to make sure that the product you are offering is purchased by consumers via the link you provide.

2. Write articles.

Currently, article-writing services are in great demand. Large companies require article-writing skills for promotional needs on their websites. If you have writing skills, this could be a business idea for you to try.

3. Website Advertising Services

Google's advertising program is a source of income for website managers or blog owners. Unfortunately, many people don't understand how to register for the Google AdSense program on their website.

You can offer this business service to friends who own websites.

4. Selling Designs

Starting with a hobby in the field of design, you can make it a promising business. How could it not be? Design is very necessary for large companies to develop their businesses.

The fastest-growing promising business

Everyone definitely wants their business to run smoothly, but sometimes reality does not match expectations. What causes the business to run slowly certainly needs to be studied and corrected so that the business runs as desired.

Let's take a look at the promising businesses that are growing the fastest.

1. Open an online store..

Opening a shop doesn't require a large amount of capital. There is no need to buy a shophouse or rent a place to sell. Because, in today's increasingly widespread marketplace era, you can sell online.

Various types of marketplaces provide you with promising business opportunities because they provide live selling features. So, you just need to sit back and sell your sales via smartphone and internet quota.

2. Wedding Organizer

In running this promising business, you only need to express your creativity in creating the right wedding concept for clients. You don't need to bother looking for sponsors to hire vendors.

Because the main sponsor is the bride and groom, who are your own clients. This means that you don't need to spend a single penny to work on a wedding concept.

3. Social media influencers

Being active on social media can be a promising business opportunity for beginners. Usually, people who have more than 10,000 followers on social media sites such as Instagram or TikTok will use it to collect money.

How to? Simply promote other people's goods or business products on your social media. By helping promote, you can earn money from product owners.

4. Grocery Store

Basic needs are certainly a priority for society. For this reason, you can take advantage of this opportunity to open a grocery store to meet their needs.

Apart from providing easy access for people to get basic necessities, you can also make a profit from this promising business.

A Promising Endeavor that Never Ends

You must have started a business; some were successful, and quite a few failed because perhaps they were not serious enough or lacked capital, so the business did not meet expectations. Let's find out about a promising business that is never empty and might be suitable for you to run.

1. Sell electric credit

You don't need a lot of capital; with just one million rupiah, you can open this profitable business.

Credit is not only for calling needs but can also meet your electricity needs at home. You will not lose if you sell electric credit because of the large number of customer requests.

2. Laundry

If you are confused about finding a home business that will never die, maybe you can try a laundry business. For workers in big cities, the time intensity for taking care of household work is sometimes less.

Especially when it comes to washing clothes, especially clothes that have been piled up for days. Therefore, there was no other choice but to take him to the laundry.

3. Haircut Delivery

Has anyone ever used a delivery haircut service? All you have to do is call this haircut service to come to your house. The delivery haircut business is quite promising.

The reason is that customers don't need to come to the salon or barbershop. To run this business, you only need to provide complete shaving equipment and promote your business on social media.

4. Flower Bouquet-Making Services

Approaching graduation, you are very suitable to run this business. With just the ingredients to make flower bouquets at low prices, you can sell your work to customers.

There is no need to wait for graduation; usually, flower bouquets are also popular as birthday or wedding gifts.

Promising Business at Home

Surely many of us do not work as office workers or civil servants who generate a certain income every month. Don't worry, you don't need to worry; there are still other ways to earn income. Let's check out promising businesses at home.

1. Sewing Business

The demand for sewing services is quite high, especially in urban areas. Usually, sewing services are needed before Eid al-Fitr or a relative's wedding to make uniforms.

The turnover from this sewing service is no joke; you can earn profits of millions of rupiah.

2. Child Care Center

Lastly, a promising business that you can try is building a child care center or daycare. Usually, parents who are busy with work will need day care so that their children can study and play.

You just need patience to take care of small children and enjoy playing with them. Provide various types of games so that children are not fussy and don't get bored easily.

3. Catfish Farming Business

Catfish farming can be a promising business opportunity because this type of fish is very easy to breed.

In addition, the required capital is also not large, and even the profit you get can multiply.

In running this business, you can choose whether to buy seeds from other breeders or raise catfish until harvest.

4. Cake Sales

Your cake-selling business has great potential for you to develop. With increasingly developed packaging technology, you can make this promising business more attractive.

Apart from making various kinds of creativity and types of cakes, don't forget about the quality of the cake in terms of taste. That way, consumers will feel at home and become your regular customers.

A Promising Endeavor for Students

How many students still depend on what their parents give them? But there are also students who have started trying to start a business to ease the burden on their parents.

Maybe he saw that his parents were also having difficulty supporting their children. Let's check out promising businesses for students.

1. Bikin Channel on YouTube

Try to name which artists started their careers as YouTubers. Ria Ricis and Atta Halilintar are examples. Their persistence in creating content on YouTube has made them famous content creators.

You can also do the same thing by creating content consistently on your own YouTube channel. This could be a business opportunity with profits of billions of rupiah.

2. Dropshipper

You don't need a lot of capital; you can start this promising business.

In fact, you don't need any capital at all because the dropshipper business doesn't allow you to take the trouble to provide stock or send goods to customers.

Goods ordered through you can be sent directly from the vendor or manufacturer to the customer directly and quickly.

3. Become a blogger.

Even though bloggers have been around for a long time, this can also be a promising business today. You can collaborate with various companies to promote their products on your blog.

You just need to develop your blog by consistently writing content. That way, you will increase your blog visitors every day.

4. Make a podcast.

Many people are competing to create podcasts because the profits are quite large. Using just your voice and audio, you can create your own podcast. You don't need a lot of capital to start this promising business.

So, those are various references regarding promising businesses that you can try.

Before you start a business, make sure you master the field you choose. That way, your business can grow and provide multiple profits.

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