5 Free Marketing Options for Small Businesses to try Besides Social Media

Small Businesses


Small and medium-sized business owners and operators generally have a marketing budget that can be said to be quite limited. 

This means that many of them do not have the opportunity to use paid promotional advertising.

However, there is no need to worry because using free marketing can also provide effective results for business marketing.

Below are 5 free marketing options that MSME owners can try out besides social media: 

1. Poster or Flyer

The first free marketing option that is no less effective than social media is posters or flyers. 

You can put up posters or distribute flyers around the place of business. 

This can be quite an effective way to attract the attention of potential consumers in the area.

Make sure to make your flyer or poster as attractive as possible. 

Don't forget to pay attention to the content or messages shared that contain information that is relevant to the needs of the potential consumers being targeted (target market).

2. Become a local community sponsor

The next marketing option other than social media that you can try is becoming a sponsor for various local community activities. 

By actively becoming a supporter or sponsor of events held by the local community, it is actually quite effective.

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One of them is helping increase brand awareness, especially among members of the community. 

In fact, this event can also be an opportunity to generate sales directly from events held by the community. 

Moreover, word-of-mouth marketing techniques are currently quite effective.

Especially when someone already has a positive perception of your business. 

Later, they will not hesitate to recommend the business to people they know.

3. Make a press release in a local newspaper

The next option is to create a press release. 

This is important when your business has important and interesting information to report. 

So there's no harm in making a press release and sending it to the local newspaper.

Generally, many local newspapers offer space to a number of businesses that want to advertise for free. 

Of course, this method should not be missed because it can help increase market reach to a much wider range.

4. Regularly update your business blog

Another free marketing option to increase business is through blogs. 

This is a medium that is suitable as a place to review various things related to business products.

You can write information about the products that will be offered through articles. 

That way, the audience who reads it will become more familiar with the product, which can generate interest.

If you don't have enough budget to pay for SEO optimization services, that's no problem. 

Because you can start writing on your own blog regularly and consistently. 

Don't forget to research topics that suit your business so you can attract your audience to visit your blog.

5. Join a forum or online community

The final free marketing option that is no less interesting to try is joining a forum or online community. 

Your presence in forums and online communities can provide many benefits for business marketing.

Especially in the era of increasingly developing social media like today, more and more people are accessing various information via the internet. 

You don't need to keep talking or selling your business aggressively in online communities.

You just need to join and become a member of a forum or online community that suits your business. 

Then make friends with members of the community. 

That way, you can easily attract potential customers for your business.


As a small business owner, maybe you can have budgeting constraints, and that is okay since your business is not that big.

But there is no limit to where you can carry your product through advertising. 

If your budgeting is not enough to cover social media campaigns, then you can try out the above five alternatives.

You'll thank us later. And we wish you success in your business endeavor.

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