5 Parking Lot Business Opportunities that You Can Actually Try

Urban Parking Lot
Urban parking lot. Image by Dimitris Vetsikas | Pixabay


Many people think that the parking lot business is not very attractive because the profits are considered mediocre. 

In fact, if you calculate it carefully, the profits from this business can be very promising. Especially if the parking area is large and in a fairly strategic area.

Call it near markets, city terminals, shopping areas, restaurants, and tourist attractions. 

Parking fees are usually adjusted to the location and duration of the parking. 

Generally, the amount earned per motorcycle and car differs, and even though it is not that much, when combined, it can bring a large sum.

Imagine if, in a day, there were 50–100 vehicles coming in and out to park every day on the land you provide. 

How much turnover has been obtained from the parking lot business?

Are you starting to be interested in this business and want to make money from the land you rent out for parking? 

See the following business opportunities in full:.

1). Open a parking lot near the commercial area

The first interesting opportunity that you can try is to open a parking lot in a commercial area. 

For example, near shopping areas, restaurants, accommodation, and so on.

In areas like this, the intensity of visits will be quite high. 

Moreover, most people prefer to travel by private vehicle, either motorbike or car. This is what makes the need for parking space in this area very high.

When you have land in a commercial area like that, it would be a shame to miss this opportunity.

2). Vehicle storage near residential areas

The next business opportunity that is quite interesting is vehicle storage. 

This kind of business is usually really needed in densely populated residential areas. 

Because they have adequate parking space at home, it is not uncommon for many people to park their vehicles on the road.

Of course, this will really disturb other road users. So, the presence of a vehicle storage area could be a solution for those who don't have a garage at home. 

But you want to still park your vehicle safely and risk-free.

You can adjust vehicle storage fees to the duration chosen by the customer, whether daily, weekly, or even monthly. 

To increase customer confidence, prepare a storage location with the best security system and attractive additional services.

3). Vehicle storage place near the station or terminal

When you have to go out of town, public transportation such as buses or trains is often the choice. 

Not infrequently, they will leave their vehicles at a location not far from the terminal or departure station.

Well, this could also be a quite profitable parking business opportunity. 

You can open a vehicle storage area with a daily rental rate. If the vehicle is being entrusted overnight, a different rate may be given.

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In order to gain the trust of potential customers and attract more attention, don't forget to provide satisfactory service. 

Starting from the aspect of cleanliness and comfort to the maximum safety of the place,.

4). Vehicle washing and salon services

Another opportunity for the parking lot business is to offer additional services. 

For example, in the form of washing and salon services for incoming vehicles.

This could be a plus service that differentiates your business from competitors. So, your business has more attractive and selling value in the eyes of potential customers.

Of course, to implement this additional service, there are many things that need to be considered.

Starting from a separate area from the main parking area, special washing equipment is added to equipment for other vehicle salons.

This separate area will later be used specifically to provide vehicle washing and salon services. 

Apart from providing the best service, provide rates for services at competitive prices.

Price rates can be adjusted to the type of service requested by customers in order to attract the interest of potential new customers.

5). Helmet washing and storage services

Another interesting business opportunity that you can develop besides the parking lot business is helmet washing and storage services. 

Currently, cases of helmet theft in parking locations are very common; of course, this is very detrimental and causes anxiety.

Especially if you have to leave your helmet on your motorcycle, but it's also a hassle if you have to carry it everywhere. 

So, you can offer helmet storage and washing services to customers who come. 

So, the helmet you leave will not only remain safe but also clean and smell good.

Apart from increasing customer satisfaction, this step also includes quite effective business promotion.

Make sure to prepare the necessary equipment, from soap and deodorizer to a dryer.

To seize existing opportunities and realize them, careful preparation is needed. 

Starting from the business plan, capital, strategic location, workforce, and security system. 

Don't forget to provide the best additional services for customers so that they are satisfied and will come back again.

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