7 Business Ideas for Housewives and Tips on How to Succeed



Being a housewife who has a lot of free time at home, maybe someone is interested in trying a business.

It doesn't have to be a large-scale business; running a home business can also be an option. 

There are many types of home businesses that can be done easily, even with relatively small initial capital.

If you have certain skills, applying these skills in business can also be a consideration. 

This will even be more fun because you are better prepared to face various challenges in the business itself. 

Immediately plan and start a home business so that you can get some additional income.

For those of you who are still confused, here are some home business ideas specifically for housewives.

Don't forget to pay attention to the tips so that your home business can be successful.

Home business ideas

Check out the below home business ideas suitable for stay-at-home housewives and general housewives who don't work:

1). Gardening

If you have a large enough yard, then this business could be an option. 

There are many herbal plants and kitchen spices that can be cultivated easily but still have promising market opportunities, for example: ginger, tea, cat's whiskers, red ginger, and others.

Apart from that, various ornamental plants are very popular and much sought-after. 

Starting from flowers, cacti, and various other popular ornamental plants, they will also bring a lot of profits because their selling prices on the market are also very expensive. 

2). Hamper-making services

The demand for various attractive hampers for wedding gifts and other celebrations is increasing. 

The contents of hampers are also very diverse; they can range from cosmetics, clothing, and accessories to various unique and delicious foods and cakes. 

This could be the right business choice for those who like to be creative with box designs and other hamper packaging. 

To make it easier to reach customers, online marketing via social media and email can certainly be maximized. 

3). Wedding planning

This business is suitable for people who have the ability to manage many things simultaneously. 

Apart from high creativity, the ability to describe and realize the details of a client's wedding is certainly an important point. 

Wedding planners usually provide a variety of wedding packages but must also be able to make each client's dream wedding come true. 

This could be the right job if you have previously successfully organized a wedding, be it your own, a relative's, or a friend's.

4). Tailoring

So sewing kebayas or clothes may be quite complicated and even have stiff competition. 

You can try to become a tailor for curtains, bed sheets, or tablecloths. To make it more attractive, provide many design choices. 

Implement an order system where consumers can choose the size, color, and design that truly suit their needs. 

Apart from your own sewing business, providing private sewing course services can also bring in money. 

5). Salon business

If you have expertise in hair, then this business will be very promising. A salon can be started with limited capital, namely by providing haircut and cream bath services only. 

When you have a large enough capital, providing hair dye services and others can also be a consideration. 

This is a service that is easy to market and will grow quickly, even if it starts small. 

6). Sell credit and internet packages

Credit and internet packages are always needed and sought after by many people. This business can be started with very little capital, even just a few thousands.

If you have large enough capital, there's no harm in providing more services, such as electricity tokens, internet subscriptions, electricity bill payments, money transfers, and others. 

The more customers, the greater the profits of this business will be. 

7). Ornamental fish cultivation

Ornamental fish always have a special place in the hearts of many people, especially during this pandemic. 

This business will be quite promising because there are always many enthusiasts looking for various types of ornamental fish. 

If you are patient, cultivating this ornamental fish can also bring many benefits, especially if you can cook it the right way.

Tips for running a successful home business

The following are some tips that you can apply to successfully run a home business: 

1). Always think positively

Just like other businesses, this home business will also require a process. 

It takes patience and a positive attitude to make this business successful. 

Keep thinking positively and enjoying every process calmly, so that your business can grow well. 

2). Understand the risk of loss

Every business will have its own risks, including the risk of loss. It is important to understand and prepare for conditions like this. 

Don't expect profits in the early days, because business needs a process to grow. 

If you experience a loss, don't despair and use this as a trigger to continue developing your business in the future. 

3). Business is going according to plan

Business is not just something to be planned; it has to be run. No matter how good a business plan is, it will never produce results if it is never implemented. 

Don't just focus and stop planning, because that won't make the business a reality. 

Make sure you run your business according to the plan you have prepared previously. 

4). Leverage networks and experience

Take advantage of your network and experience to achieve business success. 

Market your business in the right way to the people closest to you first. 

Apart from making it easier to get sales, this method will also make it easier for the business to become widely known. 


Starting a home business can be an option for those who have a lot of free time at home. 

Choose the right home business that suits the skills you have so far. 

Plan and start the business properly so that you can immediately gain success and profit.

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