8 8ealthy Foods Can Really Improve Your Body's Immune System


Our bodies can be susceptible to exposure to viruses, but what if there are those kinds of foods that we can consume to improve our immune system? 

Well, it is important to always maintain your health and immune system optimally.

Not only by adopting a healthier lifestyle, but maintaining the food intake that is consumed is also equally important. 

The body must receive adequate nutrition throughout the day so that it has a good ability to ward off various viruses and does not get sick easily. 

Make sure you consume the right foods during this pandemic so that your body's health is maintained optimally.

The following are some healthy foods that can improve your body's immune system:

1. Orange


This fruit is one of the most popular and widely liked. Oranges do have a distinctive sour and fresh taste, making them suitable for consumption at any time. 

This type of fruit, which has quite a lot, has a very high vitamin C content. The vitamin C content in oranges can improve the immune system in the body. 

You can consume oranges every day so that your body's intake of vitamin C remains adequate and can maintain your immune system. 

2. Red peppers

Red Peppers

Even though they are not very popular in some places, red peppers have become very easy to find, even in traditional markets. 

This beautiful red, fresh fruit is usually processed as a mixture of foods, such as meat or even pizza. 

However, some people also often consume it fresh. 

No half-hearted, red peppers even contain higher levels of vitamin C than oranges.

Also, red peppers contain beta-carotene, which can help improve the immune system in the body. 

3. Garlic


Some people often consume garlic fresh, or even after processing it into delicious pickles. 

However, if you don't like it fresh, then you can process it as a spice in your cooking. 

Garlic can reduce blood pressure. Not only that, but this kitchen spice also contains allicin in relatively large doses, so it can improve the immune system in the body. 

4. Chicken soup

Chicken Soup

Who doesn't like chicken soup? This delicious food with a distinctive savory taste will be even more delicious if you add some fresh vegetables as a complement. 

Apart from speeding up the healing process during times of flu, chicken soup does contain nutrients that are good for the body. 

Consuming chicken soup can also improve the immune system in the body, especially if you add fresh vegetables such as carrots and potatoes to it. 

5. Broccoli


This fresh, dark green vegetable contains many vitamins at once, such as vitamin C, glutathione, vitamin A, fiber, and others. 

All the good nutrients in broccoli will help the body stay healthy and can improve the immune system at the same time. 

Ideally, broccoli is only cooked briefly so that the nutritional content in it is maintained properly. 

6. Spinach


Spinach is a type of vegetable that is very easy to find anywhere. 

This green vegetable contains many nutrients that are good for the body, such as folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants, iron, and others. 

So don't be surprised if spinach can improve your body's immune system. 

7. Almond


Even though they don't contain vitamin C, almonds can also improve your immune system. 

These delicious nuts have a high vitamin E content, which can improve your immune system. 

Also, almonds contain good fats, which can increase the performance of vitamin E in your body.

8. Yogurt


Plain-flavored Greek yogurt may not be as popular as other flavored yogurts on the market. 

However, the nutritional content of original yogurt is actually much better when compared to other types of yogurt, which generally have various additional flavorings. 

Greek yogurt contains lots of vitamin D and prebiotics, which can improve the immune system in the body. 

Maintain your immune system by consuming complete, nutritious food.

Maintaining immunity should be one of your top priorities.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle and consume a variety of healthy foods that can maintain the immune system well. 

Continue to maintain your immunity by consuming complete, nutritious food so that you can avoid virus attacks and other health problems.

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