Reduce Consumption of Foods That Cause Stroke and Try These Prevention Tips.


Stroke is a disease that still ranks as a serious one worldwide, and it can really cause death. 

This disease condition occurs when the blood supply to the brain is reduced due to blockage and rupture of blood vessels. 

Stroke can be triggered by lifestyle choices like frequent smoking or a lack of exercise. 

However, this disease can also occur due to the consumption of several foods that cause strokes.

For this reason, consuming food should not be done carelessly.

Types of Food That Can Cause Stroke

Maintaining a diet with healthy foods is the most important thing. 

The following are various foods that cause stroke:

1. Instant foods

Instant food is food that contains high levels of sodium nitrate and nitrates. 

This high sodium content can trigger narrowing of the arteries to the which leads to the rupture of blood vessels. 

Types of instant food that contain high sodium include packaged meat, instant noodles, sausages, potatoes, or packaged snacks. 

2. Foods high in saturated fat 

The next food that has the potential to cause stroke is food with high levels of saturated fat. 

Saturated fat is a bad fat that can increase bad cholesterol in the body. 

When this bad fat accumulates, it will interfere with the brain and ultimately lead to stroke or heart disease. 

3. Foods high in sugar

Sugar is indeed a delicious companion to sweet foods. However, behind its delicious taste, sugar can slowly damage your body's health.

Sugar is one of the foods that stroke sufferers need to avoid. 

When you consume a lot of sugar, it will lead to a narrowing of the blood vessels. 

Actually, you can still consume sugar, but there must be a limit, namely only 4 tablespoons per day. 

4. Foods high in salt

High sodium in salt can increase blood pressure in the body. 

For this reason, salt use must be reduced so that blood pressure can be controlled. 

For information, the limit for consuming salt per day is 1 teaspoon. 

Stroke Prevention Tips

Stroke can also be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. 

The main prevention is not smoking, not stressing, and avoiding alcohol. But you can also add the following to the tips:

Consume foods high in nutrients to prevent stroke

Of course, stroke prevention is achieved by adopting a healthy diet. Here are some foods that can be consumed to prevent stroke. 

Foods with soluble fiber in grains

Foods with nutrients such as folic acid, riboflavin, and vitamins B6 and B12

Schedule with a doctor to treat stroke

When you have a history of stroke, monthly examinations are necessary. 

This consultation is carried out in an effort to detect the progress of your disease condition every month by a doctor. 

You can go to a neurologist. Consultation fees for neurological diseases varies. However, you can prepare additional funds for unexpected costs or have health insurance. 

Strokedis disease is a dangerous disease, so body health must be maintained.

A stroke can attack anyone at any time. 

One of the risk factors for stroke is an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, often consuming food indiscriminately and a lack of exercise. 

Stroke occurs when oxygen and nutrients entering the brain are disrupted because blood vessels rupture. Because as many as 80% of stroke cases come from blocked blood vessels,. 

The main cause of stroke occurs when there is a blockage in the blood vessels caused by the patient having high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. 

These various diseases come from unhealthy eating patterns.

Apart from maintaining your diet, you can also adopt other healthy lifestyles, namely the Tangkal method:

  • Regularly check your cholesterol
  • Monitor your intake and eating patterns
  • Enjoy life without cigarettes and alcoholic drinks
  • Exercising vigorously
  • Control your weight and avoid stress
  • Monitor your blood pressure
  • Complete with the consumption of plant stanol ester


Always remember that prevention is better than cure or death. Try out the stroke prevention tips and reduce consumption of those kind of foods to maintain healthy body and life.

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