How to Apply Proper Coffee Marketing Strategy for Success

Coffee Cup
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The trend of hanging out while drinking coffee is still very popular in many cities and sub-urban areas, especially among young people. 

This makes the market share in the coffee shop business wide open and still promising. 

There is no need to worry about the many competitors out there. 

When you have the right marketing strategy from the start, it will be easier to get customers, and your business will grow and be successful. 


Steps to Successfully Implement a Store Promotion Strategy

Below are several marketing strategy steps that can be implemented in the coffee business: 

1. Prioritize product quality

The first thing you have to pay attention to is the quality of the product you will sell to customers. Good-quality products may require higher raw material costs and production costs. 

This will also, of course, make the price of the product tend to be expensive when compared to other similar products on the market. 

On the other hand, a quality product like this will actually provide a delicious taste and be easy to like. 

Customers will be satisfied when they enjoy the product and feel they are getting quality commensurate with the price they pay. 

Conditions like this will make the coffee shop quickly known and gain its own market share. 

2. Able to Become a "Third Home" 

Convenience is always an important point for most people, including those who like drinking coffee. 

Some people don't just come and buy coffee; they want to stay a while and enjoy a relaxing time in a coffee shop. 

This is one of the reasons why coffee shops are synonymous with places to hang out. 

You must be able to make the coffee shop a "third home" for customers, of course, after their home and office/campus. 

In this place, they can gather with their friends and spend time relaxing by enjoying the menus provided. 

A place like this will easily get regular customers.

3. Customer satisfaction is an important point

Customer satisfaction will determine business success. This applies to all businesses, including the coffee shop business. 

Customers who get the best service and quality products will certainly enjoy every second of their time in the coffee shop. 

Things like this will provide a pleasant experience and make them loyal. 

4. Don't stop innovating

Most customers will want a new, more enjoyable experience. 

This can only be provided if you always innovate in the coffee shop. 

Pour the latest ideas and creations into a variety of delicious menus, so customers don't get bored. 

Apart from that, giving a fresh touch to the appearance of the coffee shop can also be done periodically. 

All this will keep customers coming back again and again to enjoy their time and a cup of coffee. 

5. Choose the Right Location

Business location will also be an important point that cannot be ignored, because this also greatly influences business success. 

Coffee shops that target young people will certainly be more suitable to be built on campus or in school areas. 

If the target market is office workers, then choosing a location near city streets with lots of offices could certainly be the right choice. 

This will allow you to get lots of the right customers. 

6. Take advantage of social media

Social media has become one of the most sophisticated platforms for carrying out promotional activities. 

Present your business attractively there so that more people see it and get to know it. 

Use quality and aesthetic photos with a unique coffee shop background, so it will easily attract interest. 

Apart from that, maximize the marketing of this coffee shop by offering discounts or vouchers that make people interested in coming. 

7. Hold special promotions at special moments

Don't forget to hold special promotions for certain moments, such as Valentine's Day or the New Year. 

You can create a buy one, get one free program, discount vouchers of up to 50% specifically for birthdays, and others. 

Display these various promotional offers on social media so that more people see and are interested. 

8. Collaborate with Other businesses

Consider collaborating with other businesses, such as bakeries or restaurants, to promote each other and increase the visibility of your coffee shop. 

You can promote this collaboration via social media by offering the latest collaboration menu, bundling promos, and special vouchers for minimum purchases.

9. Build relationships with the community

Get involved with your local community or community of coffee lovers to expand your reach and increase brand awareness. 

You can hold events or collaborations with this community. 

For example, opening a coffee-making class for coffee lovers.


When planning to open a coffee shop, you certainly have a lot of plans from the start. 

Make sure you also develop the right marketing strategy for this business. 

Observe other beverage business strategies, then you can innovate and apply them to your business. That way, the business will grow.

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