How to Sell Online for Beginners and Tips for Selling Quickly

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Advances in technology open up great business opportunities, especially for online sales businesses. Selling online is also fairly easy for beginners. 

Starting with selling online without capital or with capital, everything is practical thanks to selling online from just a cellphone.

The ease of online transactions is also another advantage that makes this business more attractive. 

With online sales, sellers can reach many buyers through online platforms alone. Unfortunately, there are still many people who don't know these advantages or how to get started.


If you are currently confused about starting online sales, congratulations! You are in the right place! In this article, you can learn about various types and products of online sales, how to sell, and tips for beginners so that online sales sell quickly. 

Come on, let's dive right in:

Types of Online Sales and Product Ideas

Before knowing how to sell online, you need to know the types of online sales. 

These types can be categorized based on the platform used, the type of product sold, and many others. In this discussion, the types of sales will be discussed according to the presence or absence of capital.

1. Online Sales with Capital

The type of sale with capital is the type of sale that is most often found. Generally, this type of sale requires product stock to be available first before being resold to buyers.

If you want to sell handmade products, you can set the type of product and your own sales window according to the product being marketed. Meanwhile, for direct product sales, you can sell using a reseller sales system.

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There are various types of products that resellers sell online, such as household products, kitchen equipment, stationery, and many others. For homemade or handmade products, for example, decorative flower bouquets, merchandise, hamper packages, gifts, and so on.

2. Online Sales Without Capital

This type of online business without capital is more flexible because you don't need to prepare a stock of goods first. The most common types of online businesses without capital are dropshipping and selling services. A dropship business allows you to sell various products without needing to stock goods.

To run this business, you only need to find a trusted supplier and establish a drop-shipping working relationship. You can market the supplier's products, and if someone buys them, you only need to place an order with the supplier. Next, the order will be sent to the buyer on behalf of your shop.

The business of selling online services also does not require capital. You can offer your services to create articles, become an SEO consultant, or be a language translator. Just offer services along with work details and prices. Also, remember to include examples of your work to make it more credible.

How to Sell Online for Beginners

So, after knowing the types of online sales above, of course you also need to know how to sell online for beginners. There are various ways to start selling online. However, below we have summarized practical and easy-selling methods for beginners. Follow the steps, OK?

1. Determine the type of sales

First of all, you need to determine the right type of online sales. You can take the time to think about which type of selling is interesting and your passion. Selling according to your passion makes it easier to learn about and understand the types and products of online sales.

If you are interested in selling online without capital, you can try dropshipping or selling services. If you are still confused, consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options. To sell services, even though you don't need capital, you need to have skills. Approximately, do you have it?

2. Select the selling product

After considering the appropriate type of sale, the next way to sell online is to choose the product to sell. There are various types of products that are sold online and are popular in the market. Examples include household appliances, food, and perfume.

To be more credible and convince buyers, you can sell products in the same category. Examples include various stationery products or wooden crafts. Apart from looking more trustworthy, with a targeted product niche, your online store can also appear more valuable.

3. Set up the order flow

Create an illustration of the order flow in your online store. You can create order flow illustrations in several types. For example, order flow occurs in e-commerce stores and website stores. The aim of creating this order flow is so that you are not confused when receiving orders or placing orders with suppliers.

4. Create an online store

Next, the way to sell online so that your shop can be reached by buyers is to have an online shop. You can use an e-commerce platform or create a shop website. Selling in an e-commerce store will provide facilities in the form of various complete features and easy access for consumers.

However, this doesn't mean that the online shop website is bad. With an online shop website, you can actually build good shop credibility, you know. If you are interested in creating your online shop website immediately, you can click here.

5. Determine the payment method

Payment is one of the important points in selling online. Just imagine: when you buy a product but the payment method is complicated, what will you do? You're looking for another shop with easier payment transactions, right?

So, make sure your online shop has a practical, comfortable, and safe payment method so that potential buyers don't run away. If you sell online on a website, for example, make sure you provide a payment method that is easy to access and safe. You must use SSL services for the security of this transaction.

Tips for Selling Online Quickly

Do you think that after doing the online selling method above, online sales will definitely sell? Not necessarily! The usual way of selling may not necessarily make your sales sell. However, don't worry; you can apply the following tips so that your sales sell faster.

1. Get to know the products being sold

You must know the products you sell well. The goal is so that you can explain the product to consumers and make the approach easier. Starting to sell with a viral product or a product that suits your passion has the potential to sell well as long as you recognize it well.

2. Create an online store on the right platform

Adjusting to the type of product being sold, make sure to know who your target market is. You can use a marketplace, social media, or personal website, as long as you can reach the right audience according to your product and shop niche.

3. Take advantage of social media

Even if you don't want to sell on social media, you can use it for promotion. Social media can be very useful for marketing products, especially if you can optimize the potential for keyword research.

4. Maintain good communication

Selling means having to be ready to communicate well with customers and suppliers. So that your shop is known as trustworthy and increasingly in demand, you need to maintain good communication patterns. Make sure to communicate if there are shipping delays or errors in the order.

5. Apply your digital marketing knowledge

If you want your online shop to be flooded with buyers, you should apply digital marketing knowledge so that your shop is easy to find. 

You can use Google Business, use keywords from Google Trends for promotion, or register your website in the Google Search Console.

That's a short explanation of types, how to sell online, and tips for selling quickly for beginners. Selling online is, of course, not a business that is always comfortable and full of buyers. 

Make sure you continue to be motivated to sell online so you can achieve your dream sales turnover!

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