Motorbike Rental Business: Opportunities, Risks, and How to Get Started

Motorbike Rental Business


The motorbike rental business is an option for those who plan to immediately enter the business world. This will be the right choice, even though it will be the first business you have ever run.

Unlike other types of businesses, the motorbike rental business is simple and easy to manage. 

But even so, the potential profits that can be obtained from this business cannot be taken lightly, especially if this business is on the street in the right location.

Traveling by motorbike is still the choice of many people, especially those who are reluctant to use public transportation. 

For those who don't have their own two-wheeled vehicle, finding the nearest motorbike rental will certainly be a wise choice. 

Promising Opportunities in Motorbike Rental Business

Basically, the motorbike rental business is not a relatively new business because it has been popular for dozens of years.

However, despite this, demand for this service remains high, especially in big cities and tourist destinations, which are usually busy with immigrants.

For example, Student City is a strategic location for running a motorcycle rental business.

Apart from the large number of students who often need these services, the number of tourists who come to Yogya is also always busy throughout the year. 

Instead of using public transportation, most tourists would prefer to just rent a motorcycle. 

The reasons are varied, one of which is easier and freer access to various destination points that will be visited while in Yogya. 

The opportunity for success in the motorcycle rental business is indeed large, considering that demand for this service is still very high. 

This will certainly be comparable to the potential profits that can be obtained from this business. 

The following are some of the benefits you can get when running a motorcycle rental business:

1. Can be run with minimal capital

The motorbike rental business does not always require large capital; it can even be run without capital. 

If you already have a motorcycle, then take advantage of this asset to run this business more easily. 

Apart from that, working together and renting out motorbikes belonging to friends or relatives can also be considerations when running this business.

2. Does not require production cost

In contrast to culinary businesses or even those that produce other goods, this motorbike rental business actually has no production costs. 

Just by paying the cost of purchasing a motorcycle at the start, this business can be run. 

In the future, you will only need to pay for regular motorbike maintenance every month.

3. It could be a side hustle business

Still related to the point above, in this business there will, of course, be no production activities. 

This is not a troublesome business, so it is suitable as a side business. 

Other main work will not be disturbed because motorbike rental does not take up much time.

4. Demand is always high

The motorbike rental business has promising opportunities because demand for this service is relatively high. 

Apart from that, there are almost no losses due to a lack of customers, especially if the business is only run at home without renting a special place as a business location. 

Motorcycle Rental Business Risks 

Just like business in general, this motorbike rental business will, of course, have its own risks. 

It is important to understand and anticipate these various risks well from the start so that they can be managed as well as possible in the business. 

The following are some risks that must be anticipated in the motorcycle rental business: 

1. Risk of damage 

When running a motorbike rental business, renters can come from anywhere and are not known to the business owner. 

Renters can ride as they please without thinking about the safety or damage to the motorbike they rent. 

The risk of damage like this can occur due to various things, including accidents or even improper driving style. 

To avoid the risk of loss due to this damage, make a compensation agreement from the start if damage occurs to the motorbike during the rental period. 

2. Risk of losing a motorcycle 

The risk of losing your motorbike is also a challenge in this motorbike rental business. 

In many cases, motorbike renters often take away the motorbike they rented, which is done by falsifying the identity they use or other means. 

The losses from this condition are certainly very large, so they need to be well anticipated. 

Carefully check the real identity of the motorbike renter and ensure that the motorbike rental agreement is also clear and can anticipate this risk well.

3. High level of competition 

In direct proportion to the bright opportunities, the level of competition in this business is also quite high. 

This will become stricter if the car rental business is run in big cities, which are tourist destinations.

It is important to overcome the intense competition in this business well from the start. 

Prepare an appropriate and effective marketing strategy so that the business can be widely known and run smoothly in the future. 

Apart from that, providing good and professional service is also an equally important point. 

Business will certainly run smoothly if customers are satisfied and can become regular customers. 

How to Start a Motorcycle Rental Business

The following are several easy steps you can take to start a motorcycle rental business: 

1. Prepare the capital 

The first thing that must be done when starting a motorbike rental business is to prepare business capital. 

It is important to prepare the right amount of capital, especially if you intend to open this business on a fairly large scale. 

If you already have your own savings, then this certainly won't be a problem. 

However, if you don't have sufficient capital, then applying for a loan from relatives, friends, or even the bank could be a consideration.

2. Determine the right business location

Business success is certainly influenced by the location of the business itself, and this also applies to the motorbike rental business. 

The right business location will help the business be easier for customers to find, so the opportunity to get lots of customers is also wide open. 

If you want to open this business on a large scale, there's no harm in renting a business location. 

There are several strategic locations that can be considered, such as around markets, areas around stations, airports, terminals, and others. 

3. Buy the vehicle

If you have done the two steps above, you can now purchase a motorcycle to rent. Determine first whether to buy a motorcycle in used or new condition.

Adjust the purchase of this motorbike to the amount of capital you have. 

If you have limited capital, there is no harm in buying a used motorcycle. 

This will make it possible to get a larger number of motorcycle units. 

4. Determine the rental price

The next step that needs to be taken is to determine the motorcycle rental price that will be applied.

Check rental prices around the business location first as a consideration. 

Avoid making the rental price too high, because this risks making the business quiet. 

5. Organize and conduct promotional activities

Start organizing promotional strategies that will be carried out in the business. 

Implement promotions with the right steps, for example: promotions via social media, advertising on marketplaces, and others. 

Promote consistently, especially in the early days of the business.

6. Carry out maintenance and pay attention to various other costs

Also allocate some costs for maintaining the vehicle and paying taxes. 

Clean and carry out routine checks regularly so that the motorbike remains comfortable and safe to ride. 

Apart from that, pay vehicle tax on time so that this motorbike rental business can run smoothly and without problems.

Tips to Apply For Caring Your Motorbikes

Apart from knowing well how to do the motorbike rental business, another important thing that must be known and done is how to care for motorbikes, which are the main tool in this business. 

Here are some tips for caring for motorbikes that are rented to a motorbike rental business:

1. Routine maintenance

Perform regular routine maintenance to ensure the motorbike remains in good condition. 

This includes regular checks of the engine, electrical system, cooling system, and other components.

2. Motorcycle cleanliness

Clean the motorcycle regularly to keep it looking neat and attractive. 

A clean motorbike also gives a positive impression to the renter and can increase confidence in the motorbike rental business.

3. Technical check

Always check the technical condition of the motorbike before renting it. Make sure all systems, such as brakes, lights, and other indicators, function properly for tenant safety.

4. Tax and licensing monitoring

Make sure the motorcycle always has paid taxes and completed permits. This is important to maintain the legality of the motorcycle rental business.

5. Motorcycle insurance

Make sure the motorcycle is insured with the right motorbike insurance. Motorcycle insurance can protect you from financial losses due to damage to or loss of your motorcycle.

6. Quality promotion

Focus on renter comfort so they have a good experience with the motorbike they rent. Make sure the motorbike is in prime condition and ready to use.

7. Fuel selection

Ensure the use of quality fuel to maintain motorcycle engine performance. Use fuel with the appropriate octane to improve combustion in the motorcycle engine.

8. Battery maintenance

Pay attention to the condition of the motorbike battery and make sure the battery is always fully charged. Good battery maintenance can extend battery life and prevent electrical problems on the motorbike.


The motorbike rental business is still one of the most promising. Apart from the small capital, this business is also easy to run and friendly for beginners. 

Choose a strategic business location and start this business with the right plan so that it can grow rapidly.

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