17 Tips for Creating and Running a Successful Skincare Business


More than ever, the need for skincare-related products is increasing rapidly worldwide.

With young entrepreneurs trying to enter the market and already established businesses dominating the market, you still have a chance to dive into the market as an entrepreneur.

We have provided you with 17 solid tips to help you start and run a successful skincare business.

They are as follows:

1). Determine the type of business

Firstly, determine what type of skincare business you will run. There are two types of businesses that you can choose from: dropshipping or creating your own skincare business.

For less capital, you can start a skincare business by dropshipping. The dropship concept itself is where we, as dropshippers, are a third party who connects producers with buyers.

That way, we don't need to spend a lot of money to stock large quantities of goods. That way, dropshipping is one way of doing a skincare business without capital that you can do.

If you have a lot of capital, you can start a business by making your own skincare. You can mix your own ingredients and produce skincare under your own brand name.

2). Determine the target market

After knowing the public's condition regarding skincare trends, determine the target market for your product. You can choose several products to attract certain markets.

That way, your skincare business will be broader, and the profits you can get will be greater.

3). Create an attractive brand name

Even though quality is the main thing in the skincare business, name is also no less important. The name makes your product better known to the public.

Create a name that is unique but also easy for consumers to pronounce. Most importantly, don't plagiarize existing brand names.

The skincare brand business itself can also be a differentiator from other products. You can create a name that characterizes the skincare business products you sell. You can also insert your name into your skincare business to make your brand name more unique.

4). Determine your goals

First, determine the goals of the business you want to run. Basically, the goal of business is to gain financial profit. However, what can motivate you to run a business is idealism.

If you only aim to seek maximum profits, then you may actually ignore the quality of your product.

If you maintain the ideals of your skincare business, such as wanting to provide quality and safe products for women's skin, then customers will come because they already believe in the products you make.

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It's not surprising that the skincare business can be profitable if it is done seriously and with the right strategy.

5). Packaging selection

Packaging is as important as the brand name. Apart from a unique name, unique packaging also makes your brand different from other brands. You can see other products as a reference. Create simpler packaging that has not been utilized for other products.

However, don't just look at the uniqueness of the packaging; you should also pay attention to the quality. If the packaging is good but consumers receive it in a damaged condition, of course people will not use your skincare business products again.

Include important information about your skincare business's products. This information is related to how to use it, the ingredients it is made from, the date of manufacture, and the expiration date.\

6). Social media promotion

One way to create a promising skincare business is to promote it diligently on social media. You should take advantage of the many social media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Create a special social media account to show off your skincare products. You can also promote your products on social media accounts that are already large and have lots of followers. That way, your product range will be much wider.

7). Create a store or sell offline

Even though online marketplaces are now easier, having a shop and selling products offline is something you have to do if you already have a lot of capital.

By having your own shop and selling offline, consumer confidence will be much higher. Not only that, but service to buyers is much easier.

The payment system is much safer because transactions occur directly. Apart from that, you also don't need to send goods for every purchase.

Online skincare businesses are a must in this digital era. It is very difficult to compete if you only rely on offline sales.

By selling online, you don't need a lot of capital to set up a shop. In addition, the reach of online sales will be much wider.

8). Follow the trend

The next skincare business tip for beginners is to always follow trends. By following trends, you can see the skincare business go viral in society. Learn the product, then you can sell it to the public.

So, how do you open a profitable skincare business? Here are 20 ways to build a promising skincare business.

Have a superior product that differentiates it from other products.

As a business owner, following trends is a must. However, you also have to have a superior product that other products don't have.

Don't let it happen that, just because you follow trends, you are labeled as a "talkative brand" that only follows trends and doesn't have a permanent product.

9). Perform market research

Do research on products and markets. Research first what product you will sell. Learn what the advantages and disadvantages are. That way, you can recommend certain products for women's skin conditions, which, of course, vary.

The second is market research. Study the community and their skincare consumption. If you already know what trends are currently popular, you can determine what products will sell well.

10). Create capital details

The next skincare business tip is to create capital details. Determine production costs, packaging costs, marketing costs, and costs for setting up a shop if necessary.

If you want to start your own skincare business with minimal capital, you don't need to include the costs of setting up a shop.

11). Create products

After studying the product and doing market research, you can create your own product.

If you are not an expert in the beauty sector, you can work with experts to make this skincare product. You can collaborate with a pharmacist or beauty specialist.

That way, the quality of your skincare product will be more guaranteed. Aside from that, consumer trust will increase because your product has been demonstrated to be of excellent quality through the competent hands of professionals.

12). Determine the selling price

Determine the selling price of your product. You can determine the selling price using the following formula: selling price = total cost + margin.

13). Calculate profit

Profits are also an important factor in determining a successful skincare business.

Make sure the skincare you run is profitable. You can calculate profits for a certain period, such as weekly or monthly.

You can get net profit from total income during a certain period minus total expenses in the same period.

15). Capital recalculation

So that your skincare business can run for a long time, you also need to calculate the return on investment (ROI) costs.

You certainly don't want to run a business in vain without returning your investment or getting a return on investment for a very long period of time.

16). Never stop innovating

Continue to do market research and pay attention to trends. By continuing to pay attention to trends, you will continue to innovate to make skincare products that are more attractive, affordable, and safe for consumers.

17). Collaborating with influencers

Collaborate with influencers, such as artists or celebrities. That way, your products will be seen by their fans. 

The possibility that people will glance at your product will be greater. Then your skincare products will reach a much wider public.

Create attractive promotions.Create attractive promotions to attract consumers. 

You can create promotions such as buy one, get one, free shipping, discounts, and so on. 

With this attractive promotion, consumers will be more interested in buying skincare products at your shop.


There are many ways you can make your skincare products more promising and profitable.

Starting with doing research, continuing to follow trends, not closing yourself off from selling online, determining a carefully calculated selling price, thinking about production costs and profits, and much more.

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