How to Create Unique Business Brand in 12 Ways

In business activities, we have to implement several calculated strategies so that the business runs smoothly.

One way is to create a brand that will attract potential consumers much more easily.

However, many business owners lack confidence in creating a brand, even though this is an important thing.

For that reason, let’s look at several ways to create your own brand that is attractive and good.

Creating Your Own Brand

A brand is a term used to define an identity related to the company’s image to the public.

And creating your own brand is not something that can be taken lightly, especially if you are still at the stage of starting a business. So that the brand you create is able to build high expectations from people for your business, here are several ways to create your own brand that is attractive and unique:

1. Determine a Brand Name That Suits The Company’s Mission

The first step in creating your own brand is to determine the name of the company’s brand.

The name is the most important and crucial thing because the name is what makes it easier for customers to remember the company or business you run.

Because of this, determining a brand name should not be done haphazardly and must be determined through a thorough process.

The brand name must be chosen based on considering various things and must be in line with the goals of the company or business.

Beside that, the name is also very important because it will influence the trademark registration process, product appearance, and the creation of a business logo.

No doubt, you want a brand name that is unique, difficult for other parties to imitate, and becomes an icon for the product you want to sell.

For this reason, creating a brand name must be done seriously in order to create a name that is cool and can represent the company.

Avoid creating brand names that consist of abbreviations or are similar to other brands so that you don’t get caught up in legal threats.

Not only that, try to create a brand name that has a positive meaning so that customers can participate in the brand promotion process through word-of-mouth marketing.

2. Create Compelling Brand Visuals

The second point regarding how to create your own brand should not be forgotten, namely that the visuals of a brand are no less important to pay attention to, so you have to start determining what kind of visuals you want to represent the company.

Basically, brand visuals are elements that will display the characteristics of a business or company to the public.

This visual appearance includes several things, such as brand identity, packaging, logo, and so on.

Every business or company is required to have a visual brand so that it will be easier for consumers to identify or recognize a product they want to buy.

Moreover, more and more new businesses are emerging, so competition between entrepreneurs has become inevitable.

You should try to create a visual appearance that stands out and is able to make customers remember your brand well.

That way, the product you sell will not lose out in tight competition with competitors who sell products that are almost similar to yours.

3. Determine The Brand Name’s Characters

Brand character can also be defined as the identity espoused by the brand you want to create.

And by creating a unique brand name with the appropriate character combination, you may stand a chance to survive for a long period of time, then enter the market you are about to enter.

Because brand characters will give characteristics to a brand, it will be easier for customers to recognize it, and the process of entering the market will no longer be difficult.

In the sense that later customers will develop feelings of connection to the brand, both in terms of its fundamentals, principles, and values.

To create brand characters, you also have to participate in finding out what kind of brand name you want to show to the public.

There are several examples of brand character traits that you can use as inspiration, such as toughness, joy, calmness, and so on.

One of the most frequently found brand characteristics is joy, because it can indicate that the brand has a high sense of enthusiasm and is always cheerful.

Usually, this brand of fun can be applied to businesses that focus on entertainment for the public, such as amusement park businesses.

4. Plan Good Marketing

The way to make your own brand better is through a marketing strategy.

Nowadays, technological developments are accelerating very quickly, and you can use them to do the right marketing so that your brand can become increasingly well-known in the wider community.

The marketing planning process must also be carried out well, and you must try to avoid wrong steps so that you can reach the desired target market.

The way to do marketing so you can promote your brand is to utilize the technology that already exists around you.

One way is to use a website or social media as a tool to introduce all netizens to the brand you have just created.

Marketing planning must be done by considering the target market you want to target, and the form of advertising must also be effective.

If the marketing process is not in accordance with the targets you want to achieve, then, of course, the results will not be satisfactory at all.

You can also plan your marketing slowly without feeling rushed. Marketing that is done half-heartedly will only give the brand name a bad image, and of course you have to avoid problems like this.

5. Create a Logo

The next step in creating a brand is to create a good logo. If you have a logo, then later you can make it easier for people to identify your business brand.

Choosing a logo is important because customers will definitely not want to buy products from a brand that has an unconvincing logo and a careless impression.

Here are some additional tips to make your logo more impressive.

6. Choose a Clear Font

The shape of the letters used to create the logo must be chosen correctly so that customers do not have difficulty reading the brand name in the logo.

For example, if you want to create a brand that has a cheerful impression, then you can choose a type of font that looks friendly and flexible.

7. Choose a Striking Color

Color will be able to convey what kind of feelings you want to communicate to customers through a brand logo; color is an important element in how to create your own brand.

Colors can also become the identity of your business, so customers can associate these colors with the brand you have created.

You also have to pay careful attention to choosing this color. One example is that black and white will feel less suitable when applied to a food brand because they look less attention-grabbing.

8. Create a Memorable Slogan

Even though it sounds quite trivial and ordinary, it turns out that a slogan is also one of the most important parts when you want to create a brand.

A slogan that is unique and easy for customers to imitate can strengthen the identity of the business you run.

For example, when you subscribe to the Airtel Data Bundle, you will immediately remember the short slogan, namely “Data is Life.” So the slogan cannot be separated from how to create your own brand.

When you want to determine what kind of slogan sounds unique and memorable, you don’t need to be too confused.

Create a slogan that has a unique, catchy, and short tone so that customers will have no trouble remembering it.

However, avoid creating slogans that seem too pushy to customers, such as adding certain words of invitation. Instead of that, you can make the slogan more attractive if you add words that are personal and close to customers.

9. Position The Brand Appropriately

There is a possibility that there will be some people who will not like the brand. This is quite a normal thing to happen in the business world, especially if you are a businessman who is still a beginner.

You will need time for the public to become more familiar with the brand you are creating, so try not to worry too much about the condition of the brand at the start of the business.

10. Carryout In-depth Research

Carrying out research is the most fundamental thing in the brand creation process.

There are several things that must be researched first, such as determining the target market for the brand you are creating or conducting research related to other competitors.

You must know how your competitor’s brand is accepted by the public and apply the strategies you have learned earlier to your own brand.

Not only that, but make sure that you have looked for information or research on the target market that matches your brand identity.

Regarding the eighth way to create your own brand, you can conduct an online survey using social media platforms or even interview the target market directly.

11. Build Close Bonds With Customers

A good brand is one that has close and deep ties with its customers. The brand creation process is said to reach its highest point when your business customers have formed a closer bond with the brand you previously created.

This is quite a difficult process, but if you get here, then customers will no longer hesitate to buy your products for a long time and will be loyal to your business.

12. Create a Positive Brand Impression on The Public.

The final way to create your own brand is that you must be able to create a positive impression of the brand you create.

Always pay attention to how customers respond to your brand and make changes if there are things they don’t like.

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