7 Easy Steps to Create Video Content for Marketing Strategy

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Knowing the easy steps to creating video content is a must, especially for those of you who want to improve your marketing strategy. 

Utilizing a business strategy using video content is the right way because its popularity is increasing very quickly. 

In fact, according to research conducted by Hubspot, 50% of people would prefer to see a product that uses video content compared to other types of content.

Easy steps to create video content are not difficult if you already know the points. Even now, all brands and businesses need video marketing as a strategy to market them. 

Video marketing is the practice of planning, creating, editing, publishing, and promoting video content to promote a business. 

The most common types of platforms used for video marketing are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many more.

If you want good-quality video content, then you have to use optimal methods. Making good videos is not influenced by cost. 

Even with a small budget, you can make videos that look good and professional. 

Considering that video marketing is very important, you must be able to maintain a minimum budget for a marketing content video.


Why is Video Content so Important?

Video has now become a mandatory content form that must always be available for online businesses. 

In fact, based on facts from several researchers, 2024 will be the year when online business drivers will maximize video content for their marketing strategies. 

Currently, YouTube is the largest video platform in the world. Based on research, people spend more time watching YouTube. In a day, people will watch 1 billion hours of video on YouTube.

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In terms of benefits as an online business, 72% of consumers would rather watch a video about a product than have to read a description. 

This is one of the reasons why video marketing is important. 

This is also based on research, which states that 90% of consumers say that videos will help them make decisions about purchasing a product. So having this video will help consumers be more interested in the products you will sell.

What are the Easy Steps to Create Video Content for Marketing Strategy?

The large number of studies that show video content has a big influence on marketing strategies have made many business activists want to execute it as soon as possible. 

And what you need to know is that there are three tricks to creating video content for marketing to attract customers more easily. 

How do you create interesting video content? Here are some easy steps to create video content for marketing strategies:

1. Create a storyboard first

A storyboard is a visual outline for your video. For simplicity, storyboards are often referred to as video designs. By designing the video first, the video will have more of a purpose. 

And of course, the results are also optimal. This can consist of images that will depict what you want the video content to look like. Here, you can also add important points that you want to convey in the video.

2. Evaluate the type of content needed

Evaluating the type of content is very important. People will expect a lot from the videos you make. 

One of the important goals of evaluating video content is to ensure that the type of content and the target audience are in line with the business you are running. 

This also ensures that the video content you create will be more targeted, so promotion will be easier.

3. Determine the place to be used

If you don't have your own studio, you can choose a suitable place according to the storyboard you have made. 

Apart from that, prepare the tools that will be used to carry out the video shooting process, such as lights, a tripod, a microphone, and many other necessities. 

To anticipate large expenses, you can redecorate your private home or work desk. 

The most important thing about videos is the visuals. From here, you can determine which place is most appropriate and visually attractive.

4. Do video recording

Here, you can do the best recording you have to do. You can make more than one recording so that later it will be easier to find out which one is the best. After that, make edits.

 You don't need to worry about having to edit with applications that you don't master because there are many free applications specifically for editing videos. 

You just need to add after effects to the marketing video you choose.

5. Don't forget to implement video SEO

Implementing video SEO is very important so that the marketing strategy you implement has maximum results. 

By using video SEO, you have to create a video file name before uploading. Here, you can play with keywords that are suitable for your product. 

Keywords that are appropriate and match the product will make it easier for other people to find your product.

Not only do you give a name to the title, but you also have to determine the title of the video. To get a good ranking on search engines, you must provide a title that matches the content of your video. 

To get maximum results, video SEO must also have closed captions. This can be a short description of your video. Closed captions will also help people who are looking for the video content you create.

6. Make videos of short duration

This is not a long video that will attract attention. But here, you just need to make a short video because it is considered more effective. 

In general, making short videos with targeted content will actually be more interesting than making long videos without a clear goal. 

The techniques for creating content marketing videos are creative, innovative, economical, and capable of careful planning.

7. Improve the content strategy based on feedback from the target audience

Content strategy includes topic selection, content format, writing style, design and promotion to improve your business. When making video marketing, you must apply what is called a content strategy. 

You can take this from feedback from the target audience you have chosen. Utilizing feedback from the target audience will make it easier for you to improve your content strategy which is important for business progress.

Video marketing will be very helpful in marketing strategies. Moreover, in 2024, all online business drivers will be competing to improve the quality of the online business they are running.


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