Business Turnover

Definition of Business Turnover, Benefits, How to Calculate and Increase it

When doing business, turnover is one of the important things you need to pay attention to. Turnover is often used as a benchmark for whether your business…

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AIDA Marketing

Definition of AIDA Marketing, Concepts, and Examples

For those of you who are already involved in the marketing world, you may already be familiar with the term AIDA. To increase sales of their products,…

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Business Proposal

Definition of Proposal, Function, Types, Structure, and How to Write it

The term proposal is often used in various contexts and fields, for example, in schools, social events, and campaign program activities. Actually, what is a proposal? What…

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People Supporting Each Other

Alamomin Shigar Ciki na Sati Daya, Sati Uku, da Watan Farko

Abu ne mai muhimmanci kowacce mace ta san alamomin da ke nuna shigar ciki, sa’annan ta fahimta idan ta ji ko ta ga wadannan alamomi da ke…

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Business Market Growth

Definition of Marketing Strategy, Function and 10+ Effective Examples

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Suppliers in Mexico City

Definition of Suppliers, Function, Duties, and Methods

Supplier is a term that is often used in the business world. Supplier is a term that concerns business turnover. Businessmen and businesses will try to find…

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Cash Flow

Definition of Cash Flow, Types, and How to Create Personal and Business Cash Flow

What is cash flow? In simple terms, cash flow is a term in the world of economics that means an effort to record every income and expenditure…

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Digital marketing

Complete Guide to Learning Digital Marketing in 2024

Learning digital marketing has become a must for business owners and marketing professionals in this era which is dominated by digital technology. Knowing how to do or…

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Online Store

5 Types of Marketing that Will Change the Fortune of Your Business

Marketing is the process by which a business markets its products or services to customers to increase sales and the company’s image. This process involves a number…

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Maganin Farin Jini da Addu’ar Samunsa Kowanne Iri ne

Lokuta da dama mu kan tafi neman mafita ga duk wani abu ko wata tawaya da ta yi mana kaka-gida. Kuma ba na tunanin hakan akwai laifi…

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