Sustainable SEO: 7 Strategies to Keep Website SEO Rankings High

Seo Ranking Strategies
SEO Ranking Strategies

To get a top ranking on SERP generally takes a long time. However, unfortunately, this ranking can fluctuate at any time. So, how do you keep your SEO ranking high? Is there a strategy to create a sustainable SEO campaign?

The answer is, yes! Currently, there are many SEO practitioners who focus too much on getting top rankings on SERPs, without considering how to maintain them in the long term. In fact, with a sustainable SEO campaign strategy, the website will be able to maintain its ranking in the midst of a dynamic digital landscape.

So, in this article we will invite you to explore strategies for long-lasting SEO success. Let's look at the full explanation below!


Sustainable SEO Campaign

The secret to maintaining high SEO rankings lies in continuous website optimization. Instead of using instant SEO rankings, this strategy uses long-term considerations to build a stronger online presence.

This strategy is also referred to as white hat SEO or ethical SEO. This is an SEO practice that tends to take more time and effort than black-hat SEO. Even so, this technique is stronger to survive amidst algorithm and industry changes.

Strategies to Maintain Stable SEO Rankings

Maintaining SEO rankings in the long term involves a series of strategies. You don't need to worry even though there are quite a lot of things that need to be considered in this strategy. We summarize it in an easy-to-understand discussion. Come on, pay attention to the complete discussion below.

1. Conduct an SEO Audit

An SEO audit can help detect potential problems that might hinder website performance. This audit can be divided into three parts according to the scope of its field, namely:

  • Audit technical aspects: This includes a thorough check to detect any errors in indexing, hosting problems, and other technical aspects of the website.
  • Content audit: This audit includes an examination of SEO content performance, including keyword use, meta data optimization, competitor analysis, and sitemap.
  • Backlink profile audit: This audit identifies the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to the site.

2. Fixed Indexing and Crawling Issues

To keep your SEO ranking at the top, you need to make sure there are no problems with indexing and crawling. These two things are methods used by search engines to understand the relevance and content of a website.

Use Google Search Console to provide insight into web pages that are successfully indexed and web pages that are excluded. If there are pages that are not indexed, check the reasons and find the right solution to resolve them.

For example, a page cannot be indexed because it uses the “noindex” tag which prevents indexing. The solution, you can remove the robot meta tag on the page or use a special indexing instruction tag. If there is no meta robots tag, then Google will consider it as granting permission to index the page.

3. Increase Website Speed

High site speed can provide a good user experience. Ensuring the website always gets the necessary updates will help it achieve maximum speed. There are several ways to increase website speed, including:

  • Perform image optimization: Optimizing images to the right size and dimensions can help reduce loading times.
  • Take advantage of the browser's HTTP cache: Providing browser caching instructions in the HTTP response header from the hosting server can shorten reload times.
  • Use a reliable hosting service: Hosting services with fast web servers can shorten site page loading times.

4. Carry out On Page SEO Optimization

The next strategy to keep SEO rankings high is to ensure continuous on-page SEO optimization. There are two indicators of on-page SEO optimization that are quite essential to pay attention to, namely:

  • Page title: Using the right title can help Google and visitors understand the content of the page. Make sure to use a page title that is less than 60 characters.
  • Meta tags: Meta descriptions provide additional context and appeal to visitors. Even though Google doesn't always use it, this element can be of added value in the eyes of visitors.

5. Updating Content

Sustainable SEO techniques emphasize that maintaining existing content is as important as creating new content. Perform a review to check for content that may be inaccurate.

Content updates can be implemented in various forms. For example, by adding new information, providing additional infographics, or including corrections to the content.

6. Fix Internal Link Errors

Internal links play an important role in keeping SEO rankings high over the long term. Internal links can provide a good user experience, create topic relevance, and support crawling to work optimally.

To find broken internal links, you can use the help of SEO tools. For example, by using tools from Ahrefs. By using the Ahrefs tool, you can browse the site to check which pages have broken internal links .

7. Ensure the Site is Mobile User Friendly

To stay relevant, you need to adapt to internet user behavior. Today, mobile devices continue to receive increasingly sophisticated updates. This influences the behavior of internet users who increasingly prefer internet access using mobile devices.

To combat this trend, make sure the site is accessible via mobile devices. Update page navigation, and optimize website design and functionality to remain responsive and allow fast access. Mobile-friendly websites allow a wider audience reach.


A sustainable SEO strategy can help content and websites stay at the top of the SERPs in the long term. Apart from requiring quality content, this strategy also involves monitoring and evaluation which must be carried out regularly.

By carrying out regular evaluations or audits, you can not only overcome problems that arise in real time. This method can also help you to detect potential problems that might affect SEO performance in the future.

The key is, keeping SEO rankings high over the long term requires technical optimization, improving user experience, and ensuring content remains relevant. That way, you can keep your website ranking in SEO strong over time.


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