5 Content Marketing Strategies That You Should Try in 2024

Content Marketing Strategies
Content Marketing Strategies

Starting a new business is not an easy thing. On the one hand, businesses must build brand trust, but on the other hand, businesses also need immediate sales conversions. In this condition, content marketing may be the right strategy to rely on. What is content marketing?

In this article, we will help you understand content marketing in more depth. Starting from knowing the basic concepts, goals, and examples, to the benefits that businesses can get. 

Come on, let's move on to the discussion below!


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes content as a medium for communication and promotion. Through content that contains useful and relevant information, businesses can effectively advertise their brands and products to achieve certain goals.

Generally, content marketing is widely used to increase brand awareness. Content becomes a reliable platform for providing useful information to the audience. Apart from that, through content too, businesses can share brand stories.

From this story, businesses can invite audiences to dive deeper into the brand. By sharing the vision and mission, as well as brand values, businesses can create stronger emotional ties. In the long term, this strategy will put the brand at the top of the audience's mind.

In addition to increasing brand awareness, the goal of content marketing also includes product marketing. Content is the right medium to provide information and visualization regarding the products and services offered. This cannot be separated from the role of visual content, which makes it easier to attract the audience's attention.

The completeness of the information in the content is also no less important. According to GE Capital Retail Bank's annual survey, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a product purchase. This means that the easier it is for the audience to get the information they need, the easier it will be for the business to increase its conversions.

What are examples of content marketing?

In practice, what does content marketing look like? This strategy is realized by creating quality content in various formats. Businesses need to understand their target audience to gain an understanding of the most suitable content formats to use. Below, we provide a summary of several examples of content that your business can use:

1. Infographics

This is an example of content that can be used to explain complex information. Infographics are content that breaks down information into visual form. Usually, this content does not use too much text but emphasizes more visual aspects, such as graphics and diagrams.

This type of content can be used to explain specifications, benefits, and how to use the product. Considering that these three pieces of information are usually quite complicated, infographics can be optimized to summarize all the information so that it is easier to understand.

2. Podcasts

Many people still don't know what content marketing that is created in non-visual form is like. Podcasts are content that can be enjoyed without requiring the audience to be glued to a device screen. This content is in sound form, so it can be listened to while carrying out various activities.

We are certainly familiar with content made by big creators such as Ayomide Tayo, Steve Dede, or Osagie Alonge. Apart from these names, there are many other big creators who present podcasts on various topics, from health to politics to automotive hobbies.

Creating podcast content covering topics that are currently booming and relevant will attract lots of listeners. This content can provide great marketing opportunities, with natural product promotion in the dialogue within it.

3. Videos

This is an example of content that effectively grabs the audience's attention. Now, various social media and e-commerce platforms are utilizing video content to attract more conversions. Video is the right content format to explain business products or services more interestingly.

Not only that, videos can also be used as review media that can be trusted by potential buyers. By looking at tutorials and product reviews, potential buyers can get the information they need and make purchasing decisions more easily.

4. Blog articles

Content marketing can also be realized through the creation of blog article content. Through blog article content, audiences can get complete information regarding a product, brand, or service. Apart from that, blog articles can also be used to explain the steps for using the product.

Especially to increase brand awareness, blog articles can be the right choice for sharing reviews and creating engaged brand stories. However, to build strong trust, make sure to create quality and authentic blog articles.

5. Social media content

Now there are many social media content formats that can attract audience attention effectively. For example, post product photos or short videos of the production process. Through social media content, businesses can optimize the attractiveness of visual content to attract audience interest.

For fashion businesses, for example, creating a post showing fit-check dresses can certainly attract potential buyers. Likewise, culinary businesses upload short videos of the appearance of their dishes; this can certainly provide a real picture of the product.

Benefits of Content Marketing for New Businesses

So, from the discussion above, you probably understand what content marketing is, right? With its various formats and approaches, content marketing can provide significant benefits for start-up businesses, you know. 

Here are some of them:

  • Content marketing can help new businesses generate traffic: With relevant and quality content, businesses can bring in more traffic, which will later become leads and have the potential to convert.
  • Content marketing can help businesses get to know their target audience: Creating and developing content can help businesses better understand the behavior and habits of their target audience. In the long term, this can be a provision for creating more effective marketing strategies.
  • Content marketing helps businesses optimize their marketing budgets: New businesses often still have difficulty managing budget allocations, especially for marketing needs. Content marketing is the right marketing strategy to start with. This is because the costs are relatively more affordable compared to traditional advertising.

That's the discussion about what content marketing is, with examples. With consistency and in-depth research, content marketing can help start-up businesses introduce their brand and promote their products effectively.


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