6 Effective Ways to Build Backlinks to Increase Domain Authority

Backlink Building

Backlinks are an important aspect that must be considered in SEO practices. Building effective backlinks can not only improve content quality but also help increase domain authority.

What is meant by domain authority or DA? Domain Authority is a score used to predict the potential of a website to rank on SERP. The higher the DA score of a website, the greater its potential for getting visitors.

In this article, we will discuss backlinks and the right strategy for building them. Let's just go straight to the full explanation below!


What are backlinks and their functions?

Backlinks are links on other websites that lead to other websites or pages within them. Usually, backlinks are not only inserted in text but also in images or CTAs. With an effective backlink building strategy, you can get many benefits, including:

  • Increases credibility: So that Google will recommend the website to users.
  • Facilitates crawling: Namely the process by which search engines index website pages.
  • Increase ranking in SERP: Because quality external links make the website more relevant and credible.
  • Increase the number of visitors: visitors from popular domains that provide backlinks will potentially visit the website.

Effective Backlink Building Strategy

So, now you know that building backlinks is important, right? Instead of focusing solely on creating quality backlinks, consider ensuring these efforts remain effective. Come on, pay attention to the following strategies that you can apply to your website!

1. Create quality content

The practice of building backlinks, or what is also called link building, requires quality content. Why so? Because this content will later be used as a reference source for other articles.

One example of quality content that can generate lots of backlinks is data infographic content. Infographics are content with three times the potential to be shared by users compared to other types of content.

Especially if this infographic contains research data. Fact-based content like this can be used by bloggers or other website content writers to support their written work. That way, you can get backlinks organically because your content is considered relevant and quality.

2. Perform link gap analysis with the Backlink Tool

Gap analysis is used to compare one condition with another to gain insight regarding aspects that need to be repaired or improved. This is an effective and appropriate backlink-building strategy.

By using the backlink tool, you can carry out gap analysis to assess the performance of the content on the website. This step can help you determine which content is best to use as a source of backlink referrals.

Apart from that, this can also help see the performance of competitors' backlinks. From here, you can get information in the form of keywords, the amount of traffic, and what websites provide backlinks to competitors. By following the results of this analysis, link-building practices can be more focused and measurable.

3. Build networking in online forums

Being active in online discussion forums is also an effective way to build backlinks, you know. Through online discussion forums, you can start building a reputation and accurately target segmented audiences. The way to do this is to find online forums that are relevant to the niche of the niche of the website.

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You, personally, can interact in online forums while sharing specific information. In the process, provide backlinks or referral links to the information on your website. That way, you can get backlinks while sharing useful insights with other users in online forums.

4. Take advantage of guest blogging opportunities

Have you ever heard the term 'guess blogging'? As the name suggests, guest blogging means writing articles for other websites. There are many websites that offer guest blogging opportunities. Usually, this opportunity is indicated by the terms 'Write for Us' or 'Guest Blogging' on the website.

Each website has different terms and conditions in this regard. Some of them provide email contacts who can be contacted to send writing ideas from guest writers.

What you have to pay attention to is making sure the website for guest blogging has a high DA and is relevant to the niche. A high DA score is proof of the credibility of the website. Getting backlinks from websites with high DA can help your site get top rankings in SERPs.

5. Monitor backlink performance

Lastly, ensure that backlinks are built effectively by always carrying out regular monitoring. Why is it important to monitor backlinks regularly? Regular backlink monitoring can help detect broken links and even provide insight into new link opportunities.

One tool you can use is the Google Search Console. This tool can help you carry out backlink profile analysis. Some of the insights you can get include information on websites that provide the most backlinks, pages that generate the most backlinks, and link performance reports.

With regular monitoring, you can detect link damage more quickly. This means you can take corrective action more quickly, too. As a result, you can have more time to find new backlink opportunities.

6. Leverage UGC

User-generated content (UGC) is a source of organic backlinks that can be very beneficial for your website. Usually, UGC contains reviews or testimonials from users' experiences when using the product. This means that it is very possible for UGC to find backlinks that lead to the website of the business being reviewed.

Moreover, if the reviews are positive, You can not only build credibility through SEO practices but also a good business reputation. As a result, you can get more backlink opportunities as well as an organic and authentic online reputation. Interesting right?


An effective backlink-building strategy is something that cannot be ignored in website optimization practices. To create quality backlinks, you can focus on creating added value that can be useful for other users and improve the website's reputation.

With good credibility, the website will gain the trust of search engines and users on the internet. As a result, your website will be used as a reference location for gaining additional knowledge.

That's all for our explanation this time. Hopefully, this article can be useful as a guide for you to build backlinks in the future.


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